Greenscreen For Safer Chemicals Showcased In Two Textile Innovations

SOMERVILLE, Mass. — APRIL 13,2016 — GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals appears in two new textile innovations that will debut at the Kingpins Show in Amsterdam April 13-14, 2016.

Developed by the NGO, Clean Production Action, GreenScreen allows companies to transparently assess, compare and communicate information on chemical toxicity.

CPA has partnered with Garmon Chemicals, an Italy-based chemical company that specializes in chemicals formulated for denim finishing. Garmon has incorporated GreenScreen assessments into their product development process. The results allow Garmon to develop and formulate chemical finishes with relatively low human health and environmental impact.

Michelle Turner, Program Manager for GreenScreen said: “We are very excited to see GreenScreen assessments being used to guide chemical companies to make safer chemical choices. The apparel industry, thanks to Garmon, is embracing a hazard-based approach to identifying safer chemicals.”

Garmon has partnered with Invista, owners of the Lycra brand, to debut a collection of knit denim concept garments using fabrics made with Invista’s Lycra Hybrid technology and finished with Garmon’s chemical formulations that have been assessed using GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals.

The second innovation is called Rational Denim, a collection of jeans that have been developed with sustainable actions during each step of the textile supply chain.

Royo, a leading manufacturer of sustainable fabrics, is using 100-percent Tencel, or Tencel blended with sustainable cotton. The fabric is dyed with Archroma’s Advanced Denim technology. This alternative to indigo uses less water and energy than indigo during the dyeing process. The resulting garments are then finished with Garmon’s GreenScreen-assessed chemicals that contain no Benchmark-1 chemicals or residuals – substances to be avoided due to high hazards – in the formulations.

Alberto De Conti, Chief Marketing Officer, Garmon Chemicals said: “We are seeing a growing consumer desire for casual apparel that incorporates both performance attributes and environmentally sound manufacturing practices.”

These unique approaches to fashion showcase the continuing importance and consumer desire for safer products.

Posted April 13, 2016

Source: Clean Production Action