Texo Trade Services Launches 5-Metre-Wide Textile Mega-Canvases For Indoor Light Boxes At FESPA Digital 2016

WADDINXVEEN, The Netherlands — March, 2 2016 — Texo Trade Services will premiere its new invention for printing canvases for large light boxes at the FESPA Digital international trade fair. It is now possible to print 5-meter-wide mega-canvases for light boxes, seamless and with great depth of color, which will enable the retail, food service, stand construction and exhibition sectors to create their own distinct visual styles. Texo Trade Services (TTS) will be launching this new product at Amsterdam’s RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre from March 8th to March 11th.

Printing 5-meter-wide single-piece canvases

Those looking to print large canvases for indoor light boxes (in department stores, showrooms, fashion shows, exhibitions, shops, hotels, exhibition stands, etc.) are faced with size restrictions: up to now, there was no high-quality textile available for 5 meters wide. If you wanted to print a surface more than 3 metres wide, you needed to either use textile or PVC that was too inflexible and too heavy, or manufacture parts together, which is an emergency measure. The result: seams, which not only obstruct the sight, but also the design. A difference of just a few millimeters is enough to ruin it. Besides, since seams are less transparent, they are immediately visible in any light box and make for a less professional look. TTS’ new product has been further tailored to meet the needs of printing companies, which tend to use machines which can print 5-metre-wide canvases of a high-quality or which are considering purchasing one in order to offer even higher-quality products to their customers.

Great choice in media for use in light boxes

TTS and SENFA will be launching the textile types PEARL Lightbox (for lightboxes) and THEATER (for block-out) for UV inks with a 5-metre reel width. Note that these well-established products were not previously available in this reel width. In addition to PEARL Lightbox, TTS has also launched Lightbox Soft Knitted, whose knitted fabric makes it different from PEARL Lightbox: more flexible and less prone to wrinkling. This makes it more suitable for tight stretching inside the light boxes. Besides 5-metre-wide textiles for light boxes, TTS also supplies five other textile types from stock, 5 metres wide, for sublimation, solvent and UV prints.

Also available: 5-metre-wide sublimation prints for mega-frames

TTS is a pioneer not only in applications for large light boxes, but in mega-frames as well, with sublimation as a printing technique producing the best results. Since the ink penetrates deeply into the fabric (colouring the polyester yarn in the process) and the fabric is uncoated, the canvas can be stretched easily while remaining absolutely wrinkle-free. The sublimation technique creates an exceptionally wide range of colours. These colours are deep, vivid and sharp and remain that way, because the ink is absorbed into the polyester yarn rather than applied on top of it. Besides the fabrics used for this technology, TTS is the only manufacturer to offer 5-metre-wide protective paper for the calender belt in order to fix the sublimation/colours. With the first sublimation printers for 5-metre-wide prints entering the market in the immediate future, TTS supports printing companies in taking the next step.

Texo Trade Services to attend FESPA

Texo Trade Services, the leading expert in 5-metre-wide textiles in the European market, invites you to view it all with your own eyes at FESPA Digital from March 8th-11th at Amsterdam’s RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre. We hope you have the opportunity to visit us at stand number G30 in Hall 1. The rear wall of the stand is a 5-meter-wide lightbox containing a PEARL Lightbox.

Posted March 3, 2016

Source: Texo Trade Services