PolyOne’s Wilflex Launches Wilflex™ One Range Of Non-PVC Plastisol Screen-Printing Inks

KENNESAW, GA. — March 4, 2016 — Wilflex, a PolyOne company, today announced the addition of a new, non-PVC plastisol ink called Wilflex One to its range of premium screen printing inks. The range includes Wilflex One White, Wilflex One Underbase Gray, Wilflex One MX Color mixing system, and Wilflex One Clear.

Developed to offer a complete solution to brands and printers seeking a premium system in this category, Wilflex One inks are the latest innovation in non-PVC solutions that perform to the most rigorous testing and aesthetic requirements in the market today. Offering the printing ease of traditional plastisol ink, Wilflex One ink has been formulated without PVC and complies with the restricted substance lists of most major brands. Designed for high-speed production, Wilflex One ink is ready for any size production run.

“This product is a perfect fit for our existing portfolio of screen-printing inks,” explains Peter Juhl, global marketing director for Wilflex. “With a wide range of print applications and design capabilities, Wilflex One ink delivers a complete solution to brands and printers seeking a non-PVC premium system.”

Wilflex Screen Printing Inks are more than just textile inks. Wilflex focuses on total ink-room management, providing the most efficient, cost-effective environment possible to help customers win in competitive marketplaces. Further, Wilflex products include Epic non-phthalate plastisol inks and Oasis water based inks, which are all available in a variety of specialty finishes.

Posted March 4, 2016

Source: Wilflex