New Montex 8500 Tenter Has Innovative Features

MÖNCHENGLADBACH, Germany — March 14, 2016 — The new Montex 8500 from Monforts includes several new features and options including an optional integrated support belt for heavy coated fabrics; a newly designed operator’s platform with improved access; enhanced visualization introducing smartphone features; a new tentering chain; and an Eco Booster heat recovery module where an additional Exhaust Air Cleaning device can be added.

New smartphone features for Montex 8500

A complete new and further enhanced visualisation software Qualitex 800 with finger tip control features offering smart phone-type techniques for machine operators and ensuring smarter operating procedures. The screen now being much wider in 16:9 format.

The new tenter also incorporates the latest improved operator’s inlet section platform featuring an optionally available slideable monitor across the machine. Offering both improved clarity and ergonomics the platform also provides improved access for coating processes. In knit version shortest fabric routing from draw roller to pinning in position is secured.

Additional benefits allow the operator to compose and pre-programme the ‘dashboard’ of the monitor to his own requirements and preferences.

New maintenance-free tentering chain from Monforts

A new maintenance-free Hercules Hybrid tentering chain, introduced at ITMA 2015, requires no lubrication and is designed to operate at spreading forces up to 2.500N/m, speeds of up to 100 m/min and temperatures up to 230°C.

The new tentering chain is available for retrofitting into existing montex tenters.

Energy savings of up to 35% with new Eco Booster HRC

Following developments of its integrated heat recovery system, Monforts – ever aware of ensuring increased energy savings for its range of Montex tenters – has introduced the new Eco Booster HRC; ensuring energy savings of up to 35% and fully automatic operation to eliminate maintenance standstill times.

At the same time, the newly integrated heat recovery Eco Booster module removes up to 65% of the particle load in the exhaust air from the tenter. A Monforts Exhaust Air Cleaning system can be directly linked to the Eco Booster.

Even higher removal rates can be achieved with an optional Monforts electric precipitator.

The Eco Booster module features a fully automatic self-cleaning system eliminating standstill times for maintenance work and ensuring increased range availability.

The whole process can be easily monitored from the control panel via the Monforts Qualitex 800 control system. Fully automatic operation of the Eco Booster is possible ensuring that no additional burden is placed on the operator.

Integrated support belt

An integrated belt support allows smooth, marking – free fabric travel across the width of the tenter. It has been designed to support heavy coated or knitted fabrics.

Split thermal system

Designed for special coating processes, technical and nonwoven applications, the Montex 8500 optionally features a thermal splitting system which allows different finishing temperatures in both the upper and lower nozzle systems.

This is ideal for applications such as automobile carpets where different temperatures are required on both sides of the product.

Used in conjunction with the tenters TwinAir system, the thermal split allows, for example, the drying air temperature differences of the top nozzles to be 70°C to the lower nozzles.


Process visualization on the new tenter offers improved TÜV-certified Teleservice facilities with easy operation and screen viewing. Software updates, speed up commissioning or quick remote monitoring during standstill are the decisive features.

Posted March 14, 2016

Source: A. Monforts Textilmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG