The Sweet Living Group (SLG) Announces Extensive Zinc Oxide (ZnO) Patent Portfolio And Trademarks Available For Licensing

ST. LOUIS — February 8, 2016 — The Sweet Living Group LLC (SLG), a provider of nanoparticle zinc oxide (nano-ZnO) for the textile and laundry detergent industries, announces the licensing of its unique technology. The company’s patented nano-ZnO technology is beneficial to fabrics and textiles by: incorporating ultraviolet (UV) protection, controlling odor, enhancing anti-microbial/mold and mildew-resistance, enhancing resistance to sun degradation and incorporating these protections and enhancements into existing clothing by various laundry detergents and additives. SLG has six issued U.S. patents, three pending patent applications, and two trademarks currently available for licensing.

The scope of coverage allows the patents to be applied in both the textile and laundry detergent industries including industrial and commercial applications. The licensing program is being administered for SLG by Cerinet IP Licensing Company, which is one of the world’s most experienced IP licensing companies.

SLG was recently granted its sixth U.S. patent that allows for the combination of ZnO and silicon dioxide (SiO2) into fabrics and textiles to incorporate UV protection, enhance resistance to color degradation, and enhance resistance of fiber degradation.

A portion of SLG’s patents focus on the use of nano-ZnO within the fabrics at the manufacturing phase. The company’s other patents focus on the same protections, but with their technology integrated into laundry detergents. SLG’s patents are also directed to incorporating UV protection in both natural and synthetic materials and fabrics.

“Our nano-ZnO technology was developed to increase consumer awareness to the danger of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which can cause skin cancer,” said Jason Rosenberg, MD, a Dermatologist and SLG Partner/Director of Advance Technology. “Our technology is permanent to the fiber/textile, renders it UPF-50 for UV protection, and is on the FDA’s substance list as generally regarded as safe (GRAS).”

“We believe SLG’s IP portfolio is extremely attractive to a wide variety of global companies directly engaged in the manufacturing of textiles and fabrics,” said John Ciannamea, Managing Director of Cerinet IP. “SLG’s IP portfolio is also relevant to the laundry detergent industries. The patents wide ranging coverage allows for a large market potential in the United States for companies around the globe, as well as to the various third party companies that provide other value added products to their clients.”

Posted February 9, 2016

Source: Sweet Living Group