Stäubli — Post Show ITMA Milan 2015

PFÄFFIKON, Switzerland — November 2015 — Stäubli AG presented its latest innovations in textile machinery at the recent European ITMA, held in Milan from 12 to 19 November. A total of 13 novelties were demonstrated, all of which offer greater advantages and are aligned with the needs and expectations of the market. Industry representatives and other visitors from around the world responded with great interest.

For Stäubli, a leading manufacturer of high-speed textile machinery since 1892, ITMA was an excellent occasion to present its latest innovations to the public. Several thousand visitors showed strong interest in the new high-performance products, and many appreciated the inviting booth and the hospitality of the Stäubli staff. The Stäubli product brand DEIMO knitting solutions showcased its know-how at a separate attractively designed booth in the knitting hall.

The international Stäubli team gladly received the many customers and other interested persons, who confirmed that Stäubli’s strategy is well aligned with market needs. A number of business agreements were made at the show, and the Stäubli sales teams must now convert the significant interest shown at ITMA into concrete business during the forthcoming months. Following this successful trade fair, Stäubli is looking forward to 2016 with strong optimism.
Spotlight on some Stäubli novelties
Outstanding performance is always based on good preparation, and this also applies to weaving. That is why Stäubli has again expanded its range of weaving preparation solutions. The SAFIR S60 automatic drawing-in machine, offering the highest levels of efficiency and productivity, has been successfully launched. Interested visitors watched it in operation and were amazed by the dependable automatic optical yarn & color detection functions. Also launched recently is the SAFIR S40 automatic drawing-in system with mobile drawing-in trucks, which is especially interesting for denim weavers. It was creatively presented in an attractive holograph displaying the system details and showing the Matterhorn covered in denim.

From an elevated deck at the booth, visitors could perfectly observe the new SX, LX and LXL Jacquard machines operating in combination with Stäubli Jacquard harnesses and healds. The high-performance weaving machinery setups produced sophisticated applications like OPW (one piece woven) airbags and African damask, underlining the profound system understanding Stäubli provides to weavers by means of its Jacquard weaving machinery in combination with Stäubli Jacquard accessories.

A large part of the booth was dedicated to the newly unveiled ALPHA 500 INNOVATION carpet weaving system with an accessible weavers stand. It generated great attention, especially as it was in operation weaving the most diverse and innovative carpets. Another highlight and world premiere was demonstrated by the Stäubli product brand Schönherr carpet systems: Magic Shadow Effect (patent pending) for weaving single-colour carpets featuring astounding designs.

The Stäubli product area DEIMO knitting solutions presented a world novelty to the knitting industry, which responded with amazement: the D4S fully automatic toe-linking device. Installed directly on the knitting machine, it permits unloading socks on the fly and ensures very short downtimes.

Posted  January 17,2016

Source: IFF Media