SEI Laser Introduces Digital And Eco Sustainable Laser Solutions At ITMA 2015

CURNO, Italy — November 2015 — SEI Laser introduced its new range of digital and eco sustainable laser solutions to textile processing and finishing at ITMA 2015.

The main protagonist is Flexi Denim, the digital laser technology revolution for denim and textile garment finishing that can replace the traditional and manual methods for discoloration, abrasion, decoration, marking, engraving and cutting of jeans and finished garments.

Flexi Denim safeguards the environment by reducing water consumption by 80 percent and eliminating the use of toxic chemicals in traditional methods during jeans treatments. The traditional methods require numerous washes causing considerable amount of water wastage and use of sophisticated and expensive purification plants.

Flexi Denim is the state-of-the-art digital laser revolution and solution for denim and textile garment finishing with the highest productivity, highest quality and ease of use. Another unique feature developed by SEI Laser is the management and the optimization of laser energy. The benefit is the reduction in energy consumption costs while having three times higher productivity than conventional methods and other laser machines (up to 160 pairs of jeans per hour).

Posted January 18, 2016

Source: SEI Laser