Textile And Garment Machinery: The Excellence Of Piemonte-Italy At ITMA 2015

MILAN, Italy — November 13, 2015 — This morning, the Textile industry of Piemonte, north western Italian region, forefront provider of innovative technological solutions, took front stage at a conference at ITMA 2015 (Milano – Fiera Rho, 12-19 November). The meeting was organized as part of Piemonte Textile Excellence, an integrated sector-specific project managed by Piemonte Agency appointed by the Regione Piemonte, Unioncamere Piemonte and of Piemonte and Valle d’Aosta Chambers of Commerce, in order to provide foreign interlocutors with a preferential channel to get in touch and make business with the regional excellence in the textile and textile machinery sectors.

The conference revealed, amongst others, that Piemonte is able to respond effectively to the main challenges facing the sector, first and foremost sustainability and a propensity for aggregation.

On a market where sustainability is a major issue, the Italian textile-clothing supply chain in general, and that of Piemonte in particular, is attentive to reducing environmental impact and the use of polluting or toxic substances. “ACIMIT’s commitment to moving in this direction is reflected in the launch, in 2010, of “Sustainable Technologies”, a project specifically intended to stress Italian manufacturers’ commitment to researching eco-compatible solutions by supplying environment-friendly, efficient and effective textile technologies with noteworthy positive spill-over on users also in terms of reducing production costs” explained Angelo Vanali, Past President of ACIMIT, Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers.

“The textile and textile machinery sector of Piemonte is a provider of innovative, highly beneficial technological solutions, responding effectively to all the main technological challenges identified by the EU. The path initiated by POINTEX will continue, promoting inter-sector and international design capabilities and partnerships. POINTEX is, therefore, amongst the promoters of the newly-established national Textile Technology Platform set up in cooperation with SMI, TexClubTec and the main Italian textile industries” declared Pasquale Campanile, Project Manager of Pointex, an association of businesses, consortia and research organizations whose purpose is to promote industrial competitiveness through cooperative innovation.

“The solution to safeguarding Made in Italy value chains and to promoting these on international markets lies in stringent certification of their sustainability and, ensuring transparency of all processing stages, guaranteeing the absence in the product and in the process of chemical substances hazardous to consumers’ health and for the environment” specified Mauro Rossetti, Director of the Health and Textile Association.

Companies operating in Piemonte are also successfully engaged in various aggregation processes, such as the merger of CAIPO Automazione Industriale with the Spanish Pinter, both sector leaders in the production of yarn manufacturing machinery and systems, to set up a single holding, PINTERCAIPO TECHNOLOGIES, which has moved from a position of cutting-edge competitor to become the sole worldwide leader in their segment. “Three years ago, we decided to focus on internationalisation, enlarging the size of the company and, therefore, boosting its competitiveness. Today, we can say that we have overcome this challenge, confirming that aggregation is a winning strategy for small companies intending to overcome size-specific limits to develop their business and, at the same time, to maintain the attention to detail that is a strong identity trait of a small company with international horizons” explained Marilena Bolli, Vice President Pinter-Caipo and President of the Employers’ Association of Biella.

The strengths of the textile industry of Piemonte, high level performance and quality, have been forged by technological research, high-tech information services, advanced mechanical and electronic design tools, the use of state-of-the-art, robotised machine tools. A qualified consulting and efficiently-organized technical assistance service foster optimal insertion and maintenance of the machinery in worldwide manufacturing scenarios.

The sector is one of the mainstays of the entire regional economic system and is concentrated mainly in the area of Biella, one of the most important and most highly qualified centres of the world wool industry.

Biella’s specific industrial specialisation in the textile sector has stimulated the setting up and development of numerous textile machinery companies and constant dialogue between customers, suppliers and research centres have permitted the construction of cutting-edge machinery. The textile machine companies of the Biella area design and produce machinery and accessories covering each phase of the textile manufacturing cycle: machines for preparation, spinning, weaving and knitwear, dyeing, finishing, automation systems, accessories. Factors such as technological research, knowledge of the requirements of the fashion industry and creative styling have enabled Biella to achieve the highest standards in the production of yarns for all types of use.

Posted January 18, 2016

Source: Press Office – Piemonte Agency