Ems-Griltech Installs Hotmelt Lines In TS Centers

    Laboratory hotmelt coating and lamination lines in the Technical Service (TS) Centers at
    Ems-Griltech’s Switzerland-based headquarters and Ems-Griltech Americas, Sumter, S.C., allow
    customers to conduct trials using Griltex hotmelt adhesives under actual working conditions in
    order to choose the best solution for a particular application.

    A Lacom hotmelt coating line installed in Switzerland can be configured with a multi roller
    or engraved roller-coating head. A Klieverik belt calender with Ecosafe equipment is used to
    produce laminates.

    A Roto-Therm hotmelt coating and lamination line at the Sumter center is configured with a
    gravure coating roll and includes IR preheating and calender rolls for in-line laminations.

    December 2003