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November/December 2015 November/December 2015

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From Farm To Fabric: The Many Faces Of Cotton - The 74th Plenary Meeting of the International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC)
12/06/2015 - 12/11/2015

Capstone Course On Nonwoven Product Development
12/07/2015 - 12/11/2015

2nd Morocco International Home Textiles & Homewares Fair
03/16/2016 - 03/19/2016

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ATME-I Exhibitors

<b>ATI Special Report</b>

-I Exhibitors 3M Abrasive Systems Division, St. Paul, Minn., will exhibit drive and pull roll coverings made from engineered polymers and available in smooth, textured and bristle surfaces; unique methods that do not use glues or chemicals to attach coverings to drive and pull rolls; and abrasive solutions featuring 3M bristle technology for maintenance repair operations. Primary contact in booth: Jim Kessinger. Booth No. B-1411.AC Corp., Greensboro, N.C., will exhibit the Z92000, a complete HVAC system to keep precise environmental control of temperature, humidity and cleanliness at a low cost. Primary contact in booth: Ron Howerton. Booth No. A-228. Air Relief Inc., Mayfield, Ky., specializes in remanufactured parts and services for Ingersoll-Rand Centac Air Compressors. Primary contact in booth: Kerry Williams. Booth No. B-1421.Albatross USA Inc., Long Island City, N.Y., will be displaying its full line of Mistral® Spot Cleaning Chemicals and equipment. Albatross will demonstrate Mistral XS Textile Cleaning solvent that has been reformulated without 1,1,1 trichloroethane. Primary contact in booth: Jay Margulies. Booth No. A-113.American Cutting Edge, West Carrollton, Ohio, will display blades and knives for all types of cutting applications. Primary contact in booth: John Ramantanin. Booth No. B-1222.American Filteco Machinery Corp., Marietta, Ga., will exhibit BCF extrusion equipment and winders for the carpet and textile industries. Primary contact in booth: Larry Hummer. Booth No. B-1316.American Linc Corp., Gastonia, N.C., will show the CV-35 frieze yarn/coiled yarn conversion system for processing spun yarn, BCF, nylon, polyester and polypropylene. Other equipment to be displayed includes the EFT-900 even feed tensioner and the MVS-600 mechanical yarn sensor, which is a low-maintenance replacement for traditional photo eyes. Primary contact in booth: Ryan Hoover. Booth No. B-1302.American Moistening Co., Pineville, N.C., will exhibit humidification systems including space, air-assist, high-pressure and custom-designed humidifiers. Primary contacts in booth: Hal Wilson and Dave Kelsey. Booth No. D-2219.Amsler-Tex AG, Switzerland (Symtech Inc., Spartanburg, S.C.), will display yarn-effect devices for ring-spinning and open-end frames as well as core-yarn devices for ring-spinning frames. The company also offers software and hardware for all types of fancy yarn creation and visualization. Primary contact in booth: Peter Egli. Booth No. D-2100.Argus Fire Control, Charlotte, N.C., will have among its exhibits automatic fire-protection systems, metal-detection systems, and building fire alarm and security systems, as well as card access systems and the Odyssey Intelligent Fire Control system. Primary contact in booth: Mike Viniconis. Booth No. D-2619.Ashworth Card Clothing Inc., Greenville, S.C., will be exhibiting metallic wire for cotton and nonwoven carding. The company also supplies card parts and offers card roll repair and card clothing installation. Primary contact in booth: Carlton Reeves. Booth No. C-1700, C-1701.ATI (Americas Textile Industries), Atlanta, will offer copies of the magazine (including Fiber World and Knitting/Apparel), which features extensive reports and information on ATME-I 2000. Primary contacts in booth: James M. Borneman, Editor In Chief; James C. Phillips Jr., Executive Editor; Eric Vonwiller, Senior Technical Editor; Marcella Nacmias, Associate Publisher and Vice President, International Operations; and Denise Buchalter, Advertising Business Manager. Booth No. C-1625.Atkins Machinery, Spartanburg, S.C., will exhibit used textile machinery and Schlafhorst open-end parts. Primary contact in booth: Greg Atkins. Booth No. D-2531, D-2540.Autefa GmbH, Germany (Fi-Tech Inc., Richmond, Va.), will offer solutions for complete package automation including doffing, transportation, storage and packing. Also featured will be automatic staple-fiber bale presses and bale storage solutions. Primary contact in booth: Udo Teich. Booth No. D-2617.Awa Spindle Co. Ltd., Japan (Izumi International Inc., Greenville, S.C.), will show twisting spindles, covering spindles and interlacing nozzles. Primary contact in booth: Ken Overly. Booth No. D-2604.Bahmer Machine Works, Germany (W. Fritz Mezger Inc., Spartanburg, S.C.), will show a spiral can coiler that is adaptable to any type of carding machine. Primary contact in booth: Fritz Mezger. Booth No. B-1426.Bamco Belting, Greenville, S.C., will present nylon and leather belting for conveyors and various other types of applications. Primary contact in booth: Don James. Booth No. A-202.Barco Automation, Charlotte, N.C., will present equipment for the detection and elimination of contaminants in the spinning plant. This includes the Cotton Sorter for the blow room, Sliver Watch for drawframes, and ABS foreign fiber detection on open-end spinning machines. The company will also highlight its Barcoprofile optical yarn-measurement systems, which can be used on air-texturing machines, air-entangling machines and sewing-thread machines. The Opti-Spin detection system for ring-spinning machines, Opti-Twist speed-control system for twisting machines, KIT sliver information system for cards and drawframes and Sycotex system for spinning plants are other equipment that Barco will emphasize. Primary contact in booth: Joe Essick. Booth No. C-1926.Barmag AG, Germany. Booth No. C-1740.Louis P. Batson Co., Greenville, S.C., will show textile accessories and supplies. Primary contact in booth: Marie Cox. Booth No. B-1335.Bay Controls Inc., Maumee, Ohio, offers advanced compressed-air system management solutions. Bay will introduce the new BayWatch performance enhancement service that includes 24-hour-a-day efficiency monitoring and web-based reporting for flexible access to key information. Primary contact in booth: Gary Thaxton. Booth No. A-414.Befama, S.A., Poland (Wise Industries, Kings Mountain, N.C.), will exhibit an edge-trim opener for nonwovens. Other products offered by the company include carding machinery, opening and blending machinery, textiles recycling equipment and ring-spinning frames. Primary contact in booth: Piotr Fialkowski. Booth No. A-322, A-324.Belmont Textile Machinery, Mount Holly, N.C., will show an air-entanglement machine, take-up winders, accumulators and yarn coilers. Primary contact in booth: Jeffrey T. Rhyne. Booth No. C-1936.Belt Shop Inc., Belmont, N.C., will showcase flat power-transmission and conveyor belting as well as spinning and twister tapes, ID bands, crosslapper belts, and screen and mesh belting. Primary contact in booth: Jim Mull. Booth No. D-2225.BettariniandSerafini, SRL, Italy (Stellamcor Inc., Larchmont, N.Y.), will emphasize various machinery and technology for yarn production. Some of the machines on display include carding machines, opening machines, fiber openers, metering machines, card feeding systems and weighing control systems. Primary contact in booth: Giovanni Bettarini. Booth No. D-2925-A.Binsfield Engineering Inc., Maple City, Mich., will display rotary temperature transmitters used to accurately monitor temperatures on heated godet roll sheets. New products to be featured are the RT300 Rotary Temperature Transmitter System, the RT220 Rotary Temperature Transmitter and the DS220 Digital Stator. Primary contacts in booth: Michael Binsfield and Mike Kawiecki. Booth No. B-1230.Adolf Bockemuehl GmbHandCo. KG, Germany (Symtech Inc., Spartanburg, S.C.), will exhibit special accessories for spinning machines, including condenser tapes, aprons and bobbins, rubbing and combing aprons, cots, texturing aprons and high drafting aprons. Primary contact in booth: Bobby Patrick. Booth No. D-2101-A.Bombi Meccanica, Italy (Stellamcor Inc., Larchmont, N.Y.), will exhibit spray, low-melt fiber, powder and foam bonding technologies; hot and cold calenders; computerized foam generators and foam applicators; various ovens and dryers; and air-cleaning towers. Primary contact in booth: Tancredi Bombi.Booth No. D-2927.Bowman-Dunn Mfg. Co. Inc., Charlotte, N.C., will display aprons, belting, flexible card clothing and wire cylinders for yarn formation processes. Primary contact in booth: Russ Bowman. Booth No. B-1522.Brer Ltd., Switzerland (Graf Metallic of America Inc., Spartanburg, S.C.), will introduce its new Titan finish spinning rings and the latest developments in traveler design and finish for high-speed, quality ring spinning. Brer will also show Rapid, equipment for semi-automatic insertion of travelers. Primary contact in booth: James Mauney. Booth No. B-1301.Briggs-Schaffner Co., Winston Salem, N.C., will highlight its new and used beam maintenance programs for tricot, section and loom beam repairs. Primary contact in booth: Steve Hagood. Booth No. C-1818.Bunting Magnetics Co., Newton, Kan., will exhibit permanent and electro magnets. Primary contact in booth: Dale J. Thortsen. Booth No. D-3029.Christoph Burckhardt AG, Switzerland (Fi-Tech Inc., Richmond, Va.), will feature its patented fibrillating system using replaceable pin bars. In addition, Burckhardt will highlight its extensive capabilities for hot and cold perforation. Primary contact in booth: Christoph Ulmer. Booth No. D-2506.Burckhardt America Inc., Greensboro, N.C., will show rotor spinning components including rotors, navels, twist traps, combing rolls and wear coatings. Primary contact in booth: Robert Mackey. Booth No. B-1436.BVO Corp., Monroe, N.C., will exhibit roll-shop equipment including cots, aprons, rollers and spare parts for the spinning and yarn industry. Primary contact in booth: Don Bump. Booth No. D-3016.CandD Robotics, Beaumont, Texas, manufactures material-handling gantry robotic systems that palletize and depalletize. CandD will showcase its specialty multi-line palletizers, order picking, and packaging-material handling equipment. Other equipment in the companys product line includes conveyors, pallet dispensers, rail cars and a zip-coded bundle palletizer. Primary contact in booth: J. C. Caraway. Booth No. A-312.C. B. Mfg.andSales Co., West Carrollton, Ohio, is a manufacturer of custom and standard blades for the textile industry and also provides blade coatings for longer life. Booth No. B-1222.Caraustar, Fort Mill, S.C., will display yarn carriers for filament and spun yarns, various tubes for texturing drawtwist, and paper tubes used in the packaging and windup of nonwoven fabrics. Primary contact in booth: Richard Massey. Booth No. D-2119.Cardan Design Corp., Maplewood, Nev., will have among its exhibits tungsten carbide tow-cutter blades. Various other types of blades will also be on display. Primary contact in booth: Charles Sears. Booth No. A-125.Carico Systems, Fort Wayne, Ind., will exhibit wire container models 15102, 15403, 15406 and 15739 as well as roll cart models RC-4, RC-5, RC-9 and RC-11. Primary contact in booth: Lori Graves. Booth No. B-1507.Carolina Brush Mfg. Co., Gastonia, N.C., will show custom design and special application brushes for use in the textile industry. Primary contact in booth: Fred Spach. Booth No. D-2629.Meccanica Carresi, SRL, Italy, will show a video highlighting its machinery for the opening, cleaning, oiling, storing, blending and feeding of textile fibers destined for woolen spinning, worsted spinning, nonwoven production lines and rag-tearing lines. Primary contact in booth: Alessandro Badiali. Booth No. D-3023.A. B. Carter Inc., Gastonia, N.C., will introduce a mag-feed traveler installation tool for improving spinning productivity; the Resch in-line steaming machine to steam bobbins for the purpose of relaxing yarn twist and controlling residual moisture; and the neps and trash indicator tester (NATI), which is designed to monitor sliver quality at the carding, combing and drawing machines. Other laboratory testing equipment will be on display. Primary contact in booth: Fred Rankin. Booth No. B-1326.Cary Mfg. Corp., Charlotte, N.C., will exhibit blowers and vacuum pumps, vacuum accessories and the Cary Super Vac portable and stationary vacuum systems. Primary contact in booth: Gil Millsaps. Booth No. D-2505.Cason, SPA, Italy (Fi-Tech Inc., Richmond, Va.), will exhibit an extensive line of manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic bobbin/pirn stripping units. The company will also promote new fine-denier polypropylene turnkey spinning plants. Primary contact in booth: Giovanni Cama. Booth No. D-2508.Ceramco Inc., Charlotte, N.C., is a source of roll manufacturing and reconditioning technology and will have on display ceramic and metal coatings that offer wear resistance and engineered surface properties. Booth No. A-206.CeramTec North America, Laurens, S.C., will introduce conductive alumina pins and eyelets that can dissipate static and have good wear resistance. The company also offers technical ceramics including eyelets, applicators, air-jets, stationary guides and traverse guides. Primary contact in booth: James Satterfield. Booth No: B-1505.Cezoma BV, The Netherlands, will show various tube, cone and bobbin winders as well as accessories. Primary contact in booth: A. W. F. Ceelen. Booth No. B-1218.Chase MachineandEngineering, West Warwick, R.I., will display a cut-to-length machine and a two-box festooner. Booth No. B-1219.Chemineer-Kenics, North Andover, Mass., will highlight its mixing technology, which has been developed to offer in-line processing with a minimal drop in pressure. The Kenics mixing element can blend and disperse fluids in-line, eliminating the need for batch processes. Primary contact in booth: Steve Willis. Booth No. D-2728.Clarkson Industrial Contractors, Spartanburg, S.C., will offer information on installation, erection or relocation services for equipment and machinery. Primary contact in booth: Rick Smith. Booth No. D-2524.Clemson University, Clemson, S.C., will be promoting textile and fiber education at Clemson with information on majors and services available to industry. Primary contact in booth: Bob Bowen. Booth No. B-1133.Cognetex, SPA, Italy (ZTM, Ashville, N.C.), will exhibit stretch-breaking machines, drawframes, roving frames for worsted yarn and ring-spinning frames for worsted spinning. Primary contact in booth: Paolo Campagnoli. Booth No. C-1932.Component Resources, Spartanburg, S.C, will highlight open-end spinning parts. Primary contact in booth: Greg Atkins. Booth No. D-2430.Conitex Sonoco, Gastonia, N.C., will feature high-performance paper cones and tubes for the spun-yarn market. Primary contact in booth: Leary Cloer. Booth No. C-1836.Corghi, SPA, Italy (Louis P. Batson Co., Greenville, S.C.), will show cone-to-cone winders, hank-to-cone winders and dewinders. Primary contact in booth: Marie Cox. Booth No. B-1432.Custom Industries Inc., Greensboro, N.C., will exhibit automatic yarn-packing systems, laser marking for yarn packages and cones, replacement parts for Schlafhorst and Murata winding and spinning machines, and Electrotex sensing and monitoring devices. Primary contact in booth: Mike OConnor. Booth No. C-1922.Cutrite, (Louis P. Batson Co., Greenville, S.C.), will display scissors and shears. Primary contact in booth: Marie Cox. Booth No. B-1335.Dalmec Italia, SPA, (Symtech Inc., Spartanburg, S.C.), will be exhibiting Speedyfil, its miniature Manipulator, which is equipped with specific pneumatic grippers for handling textile bobbins. Also on display will be the Partner Industrial Manipulator, which can handle carton boxes with the use of special vacuum grippers, enabling operators to move any product effortlessly. Primary contact in booth: Daniel Martin. Booth No. D-2115.C. R. Daniels, Ellicott City, Md., will show material handling solutions including shipping containers, tilt trucks and conveyor belting. Primary contact in booth: George Frazier.Booth No. D-2413, D-2415, D-2417.Datapaq Inc., Wilmington, Mass., will showcase the Oven Tracker System for monitoring the temperature profile in a tenter oven. The system combines the latest data-logger technology with thermal protection and analytical software to ensure the process is kept within specified tolerances. Datapaqs 9000 data logger has the fastest sampling rate in the industry, the company claims. Primary contact in booth: Connie Wood. Booth No. B-1409.Datatex TIS Inc., Greenville, S.C., will demonstrate its software for textile manufacturing applications. The systems are fully integrated and offer everything needed to operate a plant. Datatex will also introduce Java-based applications. Primary contact in booth: Jim Watters. Booth No. B-1526.Davis-Standard Corp., Pawcatuck, Conn. (Lawson-Hemphill Sales, Spartanburg, S.C.), will show various extruders and controls, feed screws, film lines and lab lines for staple and synthetic fiber. Primary contact in booth: Mark A. Reese. Booth No. B-1236-A.Day International Inc., Greenville, S.C., will feature various cots and aprons for spinning and texturizing yarn. Primary contact in booth: Marsha Marsh. Booth No. C-1820, C-1832.DellOrcoandVillani, SAS, Italy (Stellamcor Inc., Larchmont, N.Y.), will have information on opening and blending equipment, pneumatic transport systems and presses. Blending boxes, reclaiming machinery, hopper feeders, bale openers, fine openers, apron feeds, condensers, automatic control systems and horizontal presses are included in the machinery and technology that DellOrco has to offer. Primary contact in booth: Sergio DellOrco. Booth No. D-2925-B.Dent Inc., Huntersville, N.C., will exhibit optical yarn-break detectors and software systems for data monitoring and processing. Primary contact in booth: Andrew Dent. Booth No. D-2410.Diamond Wire Spring Co., Taylors, S.C., will show various compression, extension and torsion springs, as well as wire forms. Primary contacts in booth: Gene Coyle and Frank Fazio. Booth No. A-403.DietzeandSchell GmbH, Germany (American DietzeandSchell Corp., Piedmont, S.C.), will have an information booth displaying pictures and catalogs of winding and texturing machinery. Primary contact in booth: Christian Iyer. Booth No. D-3033.Dilo System Group, Germany (Dilo Inc., Charlotte, N.C.), will have among its exhibits a special airlay Turbo-Card system fed by a Trutzschler FBK feeding unit followed by the Hyperpunch ultra high-speed needler. This line aims for high-speed needling of lightweight hygienic or medical material as well as special filtration products. Other Dilo technology to be shown includes a Di-Lour double-structuring unit for the production of velour for auto interiors; and the high-speed patterning machine, Di-Loop DYSXB, for floor coverings; along with Dilo Di-Sign software. Booth No. C-1829.DMandE Corp., Shelby N.C., will exhibit tow cutters, crimpers, cutter reels, winder cams, tension stands and a cutting-load indicator for diagnostic measurement. Primary contact in booth: Phil Love. Booth No. D-2829.DO-Ceram Engineered Ceramics, Co. Ltd., Germany, will present its line of ceramic thread guides made from alumina, titania and zirconia, and will also introduce Cerazur, its brand-new blue ceramic with an extremely high impact resistance and hardness. Primary contact in booth: Thomas Krause. Booth No. B-1506.Dover Flexo Electronics Inc., Rochester, N.H., will exhibit WebHandler, a low-cost automatic tension controller; the TrueTension series of tension indicators; tension-roll transducers, roll-shell transducers and narrow-web transducers to measure tension on textile machinery; and heavy-duty dual-disc pneumatic tension brakes to control tension on any rewind. Primary contact in booth: Mark Breen. Booth No. D-2227.Dukane Corp., Ultrasonics Division, St. Charles, Ill., is a leader in ultrasonic equipment for the bonding, slitting, laminating and cutting of synthetic wovens and nonwovens. The company will show an Ultrasonic sewing machine, slitter, hand-held mini slitter and press system. Primary contact in booth: Joe Re. Booth No. D-2427.Eldon Specialties Inc., Graham, N.C., will show ceramic yarn and thread guides, tension devices, creel caps, rollers, air-assist suction guns and various other parts for textile machinery. Primary contact in booth: Don Foster. Booth No. D-2618.Electric Systems Inc., Chattanooga, Tenn., will demonstrate drive controls manufactured by ABB, Reliance, Siemens, Allen Bradley and MagneTek, integrated into a singular drive enclosure powering a center winding application. Primary contact in booth: Mike Mauney. Booth No. D-2908.Electro-Jet, S.A., Spain (PSP Marketing Inc., Charlotte, N.C.), will show cleaners, bobbin strippers and material handling systems. Primary contact in booth: Mireia Rovira. Booth No. C-1734.Electromatic Equipment Co. Inc., Cedarhurst, N.Y., will highlight tension-measuring instruments and systems, which include hand-held mechanical and digital tension meters, in-line tension sensors and indicators, tachometers, yarn-speed indicators and durometers. New equipment offered by the company includes the Check-Line models ZEF and ZED for the accurate measurement of running-line tensions on a wide variety of yarns, fibers and fine wires. Primary contact in booth: Andrew Kaner. Booth No. B-1221.Elitex Machinery SRO, Czech Republic (Epic Enterprises Inc., Southern Pines, N.C.), will showcase a two-for-one twisting machine. Primary contact in booth: Peter Magie. Booth No. B-1207.The Elliott Co., Jeannette, Pa. (Ron Whites Air Compressor Sales, Anderson, S.C.), will show centrifugal air compressors. Primary contact in booth: C. David Gibson.Booth No. B-1511.Eltex U.S. Inc., Greer, S.C., will exhibit yarn-break detectors for winding, spinning, weaving, warping, heat-set and air-entanglement machines, as well as various tension monitors. Primary contact in booth: Jonathan Bell. Booth No. B-1435.Enka Tecnica, Germany (Fi-Tech Inc., Richmond, Va.), will highlight its ability to manufacture spinnerets for all fiber processes and will exhibit a line of fiber-quality devices and components. Primary contact in booth: Iris Ross. Booth No. D-2603.Epic Enterprises Inc., Southern Pines, N.C., will have among its exhibits parts for Volkmann, Verdol and Elitex two-for-one twisters and cablers, as well as parts for Superba and Suessen heat-setting machines. Primary contact in booth: Herman Harris. Booth No. B-1206.Edmund Erdmann GmbHandCo. KG, (Edmund Erdmann Enterprises, Charlotte, N.C.), will feature a draw winder. Primary contact in booth: Daniel Troutman. Booth No. C-1817.EREMA GmbH, Austria (EREMA North America Inc., Topsfield, Mass.), will have an information booth displaying materials on plastic recycling systems, PET recycling systems, automatic backflushing screen changers, size-reducing machinery and WAREMA wash lines. Primary contact in booth: Karl Maas. Booth No. D-2221.eSASA.com, Atlanta, will promote the new global, multi-lingual, full-service Internet marketplace for textile machinery. Primary contact in booth: Don Cotney. Booth No. C-1830.Excel Inc., Lincolnton, N.C., will display material handling solutions, which include spring-bottom trucks, doff trucks, roller-deck trucks, tray trucks, pin and cone trucks, and shelving. Primary contact in booth: Charles Eurey. Booth No. D-2302.Exim Ltd., Greenville, S.C., will present cone and tube adapters, anti-vibration machinery mounting pads and ceramic thread guides. Booth No. C-1629.Exxon Lubricants, Burnsville, N.C., will highlight textile lubricants and lubrication engineering solutions. Primary contact in booth: Ed Siles. Booth No. B-1516.FandT Products, Greenville, S.C., will feature rubber cots and aprons, spinnerettes, weaving parts, separator rolls, hot knives and acrylic tow stretch-breaking equipment. Primary contact in booth: Michael Alexander. Booth No. D-2521.F.O.R. Ing. Graziano, SPA, Italy, (McKittrickandAssoc. Inc., Charlotte, N.C.), specializes in the construction of cards as well as machines for fiber opening, blending and feeding. This includes cards for nonwovens, woolen cards, worsted cards and cards for semi-worsted yarns. The company will introduce a patented Y.M.2+1 woolen card that is equipped with the most modern drives available. Primary contact in booth: R. Bacchio. Booth No. D-3013.Fadis, SPA, Italy (J-Tex Corp., Troutman, N.C.), will exhibit Syncrotex electronic doubling winders and electronic soft winders. Primary contact in booth: Harry H. de Jong. Booth No. D-3019.Far44; SPA, Italy (Carolmac Corp., Greenville, S.C.), will have a large information booth with samples of fiber and drawings of machinery. The company has been a pioneer in designing and manufacturing compact staple fiber machinery and is now entering the market with machines for producing spunbonded nonwovens and meltblown fiber webs suitable for PP, PE, PET, PA and their copolymers. New machines to be highlighted will include Superstaple III and Superstaple IV for carded webs in staple fibers, Superspun spinning system for spunbonds in continuous filaments, and the Supermeltblown spinning system for spunlaid webs in meltblown material. Primary contact in booth: Marco FarBooth No. C-1600.Fehrer AG, Nonwovens Machinery Division, Austria (Batson YarnandFabrics Machinery Group Inc., Greenville, S.C.), will have samples and information regarding Fehrer machinery and technology, which includes the latest in nonwoven and needle-punching developments. Primary contact in booth: Peter Schoeffer. Booth No. C-1741.Fehrer AG, Spinning Machinery Division (DREF), Austria (Symtech Inc., Spartanburg, S.C.), will introduce the DREF 2000 6/E12 friction spinning machine. Primary contact in booth: Norbert Ziebermayr. Booth No. D-2108.Fiber and Textile Services Inc., Lewisville, N.C., will exhibit spare parts for take-up winders, ceramic eyelets, traverse guides, ceramic and polyurethane friction discs for false-twist texturing, and breaker plates. Primary contact in booth: Jim Arrington. Booth No. D-2308.Filatech GmbH, Germany (FranklandThomas Inc., Greenville, S.C.), will highlight cleaning systems for polymer filters, spin packs and melt pumps. Primary contact in booth: Thomas Mueller. Booth No. D-2523.Fillattice, SPA/OMM, Italy (Fillattice Inc., Charlotte, N.C.), will present covering machines for double and single yarns; and for fine, medium and coarse yarns. Also on display will be spandex fiber, synthetic and natural fibers for narrow elastic fabric, high-speed hollow spindles and electronic bobbin winders. Primary contact in booth: Davide Monti. Booth No. C-1628.Fi-Tech Inc., Richmond Va., will be on hand to discuss spinpack design, polymer filtration solutions and its spare parts program. Primary contact in booth: Jeffrey G. Bassett. Booth No. D-2609.Fleissner GmbH, Germany (Fleissner Inc., Charlotte, N.C.), has developed five new technologies in the field of spunlace hydroentanglement. At the show, Fleissner will be exhibiting an Aquajet hydroentangling unit with a 5.0-meter working width. Other offerings include a jumbo crimper, a godet unit and a sunflower reel plaiter for conjugate fiber. Primary contact in booth: Don B. Gillespie. Booth No. D-2600.Formall Inc., Knoxville, Tenn., will exhibit reuseable, returnable plastic yarn packages for both shipping and in-house handling. Primary contacts in booth: Bryan Yarnell and Bob Stovall. Booth No. B-1519.Fortechnology Inc., Norwood, Mass., will demonstrate the Fort760 Moisture Analyzer with a network-ready Windows N/T Operating System. The company says the system instantly and nondestructively determines the moisture regain percentage and commercial weight allowance of yarn packages. Primary contact in booth: Rose Murphy. Booth No. D-2314.Fortress Technology, Canada, will feature metal detectors for the textile industry, and web and blown fiber applications. Primary contact in booth: Steve Mason. Booth No. A-213.Foster Needle Co. Inc., Manitowoc, Wis., will show a complete range of felting and structuring needles and needle-removal tools. Primary contact in booth: John Foster. Booth No. C-1931. FranklandThomas Inc., Greenville, S.C., will exhibit rubber cots and aprons, spinerettes, acrylic tow stretch-breaking equipment, separator rolls, hot knives and weaving parts. Primary contact in booth: A.W. Thomas III.Booth No. D-2422.Freudenberg, Germany.Booth No. D-2717.H. Talleres Gal#44; S.A., Spain (PSP Marketing Inc., Charlotte, N.C.), will feature ring doubling and twisting machines as well as precision winders. Booth No. D-2218, D-2226, D-2319,D-2327.Gaudino, SPA, Italy (Dawson Textile Machinery, Greensboro, N.C.), is a supplier of automated ring-spinning frames for the carpet, worsted, semi-worsted and short-staple synthetic markets. Information will be available on specialty frames that can be custom-made to fit the needs of the spinner. Primary contact in booth: Claude Dawson. Booth No. D-2124.Giesse, SRL, Italy (OTEX Inc., Lyman, S.C.), specializes in machinery for the production of chenille yarns. The company will highlight the new SL 2000 machine, which was developed with flexibility, quality and productivity in mind. The SL 2000 features computerized controls and a redesigned diagnostic system. Primary contact in booth: A. Maier. Booth No. C-1800.Gip Exports, India, will show precision spare parts for draw texturizers, cone-winding machines for the man-made fiber industry and spare parts for weaving machines. Primary contact in booth: U.V. Shah. Booth No. D-3031.Giudici, DavideandFigli, SNC, Italy, (PetreeandStoudt Assoc. Inc., High Point, N.C.), will introduce the RG.6 BE electronic air-covering machine for the air-entangling of elastomers with synthetic fibers. The machine has central electronic controls, high-speed take-up, easy threading, and electronic yarn sensors among its many features. The company will also showcase the RGT A model electronic air-texturing machine for nylon, polyester and polypropylene. Primary contacts in booth: Domenico and Paolo Giudici. Booth No. C-1716.Gneuss Inc., Matthews, N.C., will present RSFgenius, the new top product of its rotary filtration systems. The RSFgenius can be used for the ultra-fine filtration of high-viscosity and low-viscosity plastic melts. The filter has a fully automatic mode of operation with constant pressure consumption across the filter. Primary contacts in booth: Monika Gneuss and Daniel Gneuss. Booth No. C-1640.Goulston Technologies Inc., Monroe, N.C., produces specialty lubricants for manufacturing and processing synthetic fibers including fiberfill finishes, spandex finishes and spin finishes for fibers made from PTT- and PLA-based polymers. Primary contact in booth: Gordon Magee.Booth No. C-1939.GrafandCie., Switzerland (Graf Metallic of America Inc., Spartanburg, S.C.), will feature the latest technology in metallic wire for clothing high-speed cards and opening and cleaning rolls. Primary contact in booth: James Mauney. Booth No. B-1300.Gualchierani Textile Automation, SAS, Italy (Dawson Textile Machinery, Greensboro, N.C.), will have information on the GSA bale press that was introduced at ITMA as well as information on spinning automation and filament production. Primary contact in booth: Claude Dawson. Booth No. D-2130.Habasit Belting, Chamblee, Ga., will demonstrate a wide range of high-performance Armid® tangential drive belts featuring the first open-end spinning belt with a performance guarantee. Habasit will also introduce the AS-250H, a new abrasion-resistant tangential belt. Primary contact in booth: Gary Paradise. Booth No. B-1232.Hacoba Spultechnik GmbH, Germany (Symtech, Inc., Spartanburg, S.C), will display the Thread King and Thread Master series of automatic and semi-automatic winders for sewing threads. Electronic gears, slit drum systems and newly added traverse systems guarantee highest package quality and gentle yarn treatment. Other equipment on display includes the NSA-U underbobbin winder and the FSA braider bobbin winder.Booth No. D-2300. HDB Houget Duesberg Bosson 1823, S.A., Belgium (Symtech Inc., Spartanburg, S.C.), will have an information booth emphasizing its manufacturing program, which includes opening, blending, carding, spinning, gilling, crosslapping and web-drafting machinery for woolen, semi-worsted and nonwovens manufacturing. Primary contact in booth: Bobby Patrick. Booth No. D-2101-B.Heany Industries Inc., Scottsville, N.Y., will show Heanium industrial solid ceramic eyelets, guides, tension assemblies, pigtails and bushings, as well as ceramic pulleys designed for wire, cable and fiber optics. Various coatings for wear resistance will also be on display. Booth No. D-2318.Heberlein Fiber Technology Inc., Switzerland (Heberlein North America Inc., Greenville, S.C.), will exhibit key components and system solutions for effective processing and finishing of yarns, which includes PolyJet, SlideJet and ACV-Jet air-interlacing jets and the Pulsar-Fancy-Yarn-System. Primary contact in booth: A. Weber.Booth No. D-2802, D-2903.H. Hergeth GmbH, Germany, will introduce a plucker for long and staple waste, as well as a high-production plucker and condenser and a blending system. Primary contact in booth: Hubert Hergeth. Booth No. C-1640. Heritage Cutlery, Bolivar, N.Y., will display more than 80 models of textile-cutting scissors and shears that are configured to cut a wide array of synthetic and natural materials. Primary contact in booth: Chris Olix.Booth No. D-2231.August Herzog, Germany (August Herzog U.S.A., West End, N.C.), will show braiding machinery, winding machinery, unwinding and rewinding machinery and a computer-aided design program. Primary contact in booth: John Owen. Booth No. B-1515.Hills Inc., West Melbourne, Fla., will show bicomponent fibers and related products. The company will highlight 100-islands-in-the-sea nanometer fibers and a 1-micron meltblown fabric made using a 100-holes-per-inch die. Primary contact in booth: John Hagewood.Booth No. C-1933.Himson Ind. Ceramic Ltd., India, will feature ceramic thread guides, brakes for yarn, and wire guides and assemblies. Primary contact in booth: P.G. Rave. Booth No. A-204.Hi-Tec Plating Inc., Statesville, N.C., will highlight tdC-1® thin dense chrome plating. Also on display will be conventional, flash, matte and industrial hard chrome platings. Primary contact in booth: Buddy Bray.Booth No. B-1135.Hi-Tech Products Inc., Greenville, S.C., will show ceramic yarn guides and tension assemblies. Primary contact in booth: Rick Lankford.Booth No. D-2916.James HoldsworthandBros. Ltd. England (Redman Card Clothing, Andover, Mass.), will exhibit flexible and metallic card wire in addition to mounting, grinding and cleaning equipment for all card wire. Primary contact in booth: John Murray.Booth No. D-2312.John D. Hollingsworth on Wheels Inc., Greenville, S.C., will introduce Mastersteel, new metallic card clothing. The company also offers standard and enhanced-point metallic card clothing for nonwovens, yarn spinning and worsted yarn applications as well as various carding accessories. Primary contact in booth: Carl Martin. Booth No. C-1618.HSGM GmbH, Germany (HSGM Inc., Duncan, S.C.), will demonstrate hand-operated and tabletop heatcutting and sealing equipment, soldering guns and styrofoam-cutting equipment. Visitors are invited to bring samples of fabric and other materials to the booth for test cutting.Booth No. D-2626.Hydradyne Hydraulics, Charlotte, N.C., will showcase pneumatic components and systems. Primary contact in booth: Gary Grussing. Booth No. A-314.ICBT Inc., see Rieter ICBT Greensboro Inc.Booth No. C-1812.Igus® Inc., Rumford, R.I., will be displaying its Iglide® self-lubricating polymer plain bearings, DryLin® linear bearings and linear guide systems, and Igubal® polymer rod end bearings and spherical bearings. Igus will also introduce a new cable carrier for advanced noise reduction and a new compact, self-lubricating linear guide system. Primary contact in booth: Cate Keefe. Booth No. A-120.Industrial Air Inc., Greensboro, N.C., will present a system that allows coordinated, interactive control of air-conditioning, refrigeration, air-filtration, waste-handling and other process equipment. Features include centralized monitoring with customized color graphic displays; selectable trending; alarm reporting; on-line operating, maintenance and parts data; and off-site diagnostics of all systems via modem connection, including control program modifications. Booth No. C-1732.International Baler Corp., Jacksonville, Fla., will show a double box as well as raise