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11/25/2015 - 11/27/2015

From Farm To Fabric: The Many Faces Of Cotton - The 74th Plenary Meeting of the International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC)
12/06/2015 - 12/11/2015

Capstone Course On Nonwoven Product Development
12/07/2015 - 12/11/2015

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ITMA 39 99 Weaving

A guided tour of some new innovations in weaving

In this final series of preview articles on ITMA 99, ATI takes a look what some of the key machinery manufacturers in the weaving and weaving preparation areas will show in Paris.A-BAmsler Tex AG, Switzerland, will exhibit in Hall 1, Stand A 51.Benninger Co. Ltd., Switzerland, Hall 4, Stand B 41/49, Hall 3, Stand D 31/39, will show its newly developed Ben-Direct beaming machine with new process monitoring system and infrared touch screen, its Ben-SizeTec system with Savesize pre-wetting technique and its Ben-Indigo vatting system based on a continuously operated tubular reactor. In addition, the company will show other machine models and finishing machinery.Bonas Machine Co. Ltd., United Kingdom, Hall 4, Stand A 61, will show two new electronic Jacquard machines, two new Jacquard controllers and a new networking system. In addition, the company will present its PC Edit system, based on Windows technology, which allows the modification of existing designs without using a CAD system. The PC Weave system works with the PC Edit to create jacquard designs with the help of Windows software. The Electronic Jacquard Networking System enables designs to be sent from a centrally located computer via a cable link to the jacquard.Briggs Shaffner Co., Winston-Salem, N.C., Hall 7/3, Stand C 43, will show textile beams for fiber production, fabric weaving and warp knitting.C-DComez S.p.A., Italy, will exhibit in Hall 8, Stand B 32.Cortex SA, France, Hall 4, Stand A 02, will show the Speeder system used to increase weaving efficiency, and the Loomprinter system used to print the warp while weaving. 

Dornier GmbH, Germany, Hall 4, Stand A 21, will introduce a new generation of high performance machines with simplified handling and new selvedge formation devices. The air-jets and rapier weaving machines will demonstrate the exceptional flexibility of both filling insertion systems with shorter downtimes as major features, according to the company. This will be further augmented with style changes on-the-fly for jacquard weaving. In addition, the company will have a QSC demonstration for machines equipped with dobby shedding. The Dornier Global Communication Network DoNet will be demonstrated for the first time during this exhibition. E-FEL&M S.p.A., Italy, will exhibit in Hall 8, Stand A 09, will be showing for the first time on automatic drawing-in machine, the VEGA KL.Enka Tecnica, Germany, will exhibit in Hall 2/2, Stand B 4.Fehrer AG, Austria, Hall 1, Stand G 10, will be showing three needle loom and one DREF friction spinning machine with 12 heads.Fimitextile S.p.A., Italy, Hall 8, Stand A 03, will introduce the RD3000, a new rotary dobby for the field of shedding machines; the cam motion ME2001, for weaving; and the RD 802 an electronic rotary dobby.Fischer Poege, Germany, Hall 5, Stand A 40, will introduce the Model PU-CC-DKU, which it says is the latest technical state-of-the-art development in warp tying equipment.The unit has an extended repeat counter, electronic repeat pre-selection with dialog-regulated operator guidance and software updates for customer specific applications. They will also show a new technology for the knotting of glass filaments.G-ITalleres Galan SA, Spain, will exhibit in Hall 1, Stand C 40.Genkinger GmbH, Germany Hall 4, Stand B 60, will show motorized trucks for the transport of cloth beams. Also, other equipment for material handling in weaving and knitting plants will be on display.Giorgio GiamminolaandCo. Srl, Italy, Hall 8, Stand A 21, will show spare parts and accessories for several brands of weaving machines including Somet, Nuovo Pignone, Nuova Vamatex, Saurer, Picanol and Sulzer.Griffin Sons Inc., Charlotte, N.C., Hall 5, Stand F 22, will show the Griffin Vertical exit ILG-11 size box, designed for spun yarns in single sheet and wetsplit configurations. Its patented horizontal three-roll configuration with vertical nip maximizes the effects of wet-splitting and provides for much greater operator access, according to the company. It will also show the Griffin 10-ton Pre-Wet box, designed to run dry as a draw roll or by adding water to the box, run as a pre-wet box. The box design features clean lines with no arms, levers or bearings exposed and all roll journals extend through the frame before being supported. All mechanicals are located outside the integral frame and are covered with stainless steel guards. The Griffin Remote winding Atlas Front End is precision designed to provide superior winding consistency, increased operator access, more user friendly operation, and dependable service. Instead of moving the head and tailstock assemblies in and out when doffing, the drive spindle retracts into heads by means of air cylinders.Grob Horgen AG, Switzerland, Hall 8, Stand B 22, will show Grob healds with Optifil thread eyes measuring 5.5 x 1.2 mm and 6.5 x 1.8 mm. The healds are now also available with thread eye of 8 x 2.5 mm. This new dimension enables manufacturers of technical fabrics as well as wool and denim weavers to benefit from the Optifil advantages, which include reduced friction between warp yarn and healds during shed change, optimal guidance of the warp yarn and less size abrasion. A new Grob warp stop motion for terry towel weaving machines will be introduced. It offers optimal functioning and easy handling. Furthermore, Grob is exhibiting its well-proven heald frames, leno harness frames and the entire heald assortment.Grob Ltd., Switzarland, Hall 4, Stand B 39, will show an electronic warp let-off, electronic cloth take-up systems for broad and narrow fabrics, center winders for special fabrics, big batching units, and tire cord weaving equipment.Grosse Webereimaschinen GmbH, Germany, Hall 4, Stand C 60, will show four different electronic high speed Jacquard machines EJP for all types of fabrics in modular quick-change-technology. The company will show an electronic Jacquard machine over an air-jet loom. This is a special execution with 6,000 hooks. Home furnishing fabrics will be woven with a speed of 800 - 900 rpm. An electronic Jacquard machine EJP-2000 over an air-jet loom will be shown with 2,688 hooks, running at a speed of 900 rpm. Cover fabrics for the automobile/upholstery areas will be woven. An electronic Jacquard machine EJP over a rapier loom for terry fabric with 5,376 hooks will be shown. One end per hook, maximum flexibility will be shown. Fancy terry towels will be woven.Hollingsworth On Wheels, Greenville, N..C., will exhibit in Hall 2/1, Stand B 19.Hubtex Maschinenbau GmbH, Germany, will exhibit in Hall 5, Stand B 31, will show equipment in the area of material handling. New equipment to be shown include the Model KHHW-V, a 1500 - 2000kg motorized high lift truck for weaving and knitting mills. They will also show several established models including the Electro-Fourway-Sideloader, a cloth roll doffer truck, WHW-DL/600, an Electro-Walkie-Tractor, EGS-Z/4000 and a motorized cloth roll doffer truck, WHW-EF/600. They will also be showing two motorized warp beam trucks, a heavy version, the KHW-TSEF-II/3000, and the KHW-TSEF-II/2000 with electric harness carrying device, E-Gev/400. (According to Hubtex they will also have equipment on display at the stands of Staubli Uniport, Dornier and Trutzshler.)Hunziker Ltd., Switzerland, Hall 4, Stand B 37, will show ring temple systems, temple rings made of brass and synthetic material, chain and sun temples, fabric cutting devices, full-width temple, and maintenance and control equipment. All these items are applicable to all kind of weaving machines., including air-jet, water-jet, rapier and projectile.ICBT, France, will exhibit in Hall 1, Stand D 10.IRO AB, Sweden, Hall 5, Stand G 31, will be exhibiting a range of feeders including the new Stell, Luna and Orion weft feeders for use with rapier and projectile weaving machines.Nuova ISOTEX S.p.A., Italy, Hall 7/2, Stand D 22, will be exhibiting its new K-2000 Coating Station. According to the company, the machine is suitable for knife over roll and floating knife coatings.K-LKnotex Maschinenbau GmbH, Germany, will exhibit in Hall 5, Stand E 20 will be showing several new developments along with improvement to their current lines. The new machines that they will be showing include several tying machines and a reed drawing in machine. The warp tying XS/2 quattro machine is available with or without computer controls and has a removable tying unit suitable for all four tying methods. The RSD/2 warp tying machine is developed for single and double knots and has fully interchangeable tying units for all tying methods. For all Knotex tying machines, a yarn break detector will be introduced that will stop the machine if it finds a broken thread after a knotting cycle therefor ensuring the elimination of imperfect knots. They will also be showing improvements to the AS/2 quattro warp tying machine and to the semi-automatic Knotex PLUS drawing-in system. The special purpose warp tying machines are also improved.L.G.L. Electronics S.p.A., Italy, Hall 5, Stand A 08, weft feeders for rapier and projectile looms. The company will show the Sirio Micro a compact weft feeder with reduced dimensions; the Sirio Progress, which the company says combines the most sophisticated technology with maximum simplicity; the TWM tensioning modulator, which can be fitted on all LGL weft feeders, the Sirio Light which combines high technology with competitive pricing for air-jet and water-jet looms; and the Sirio Jet pre-measuring winder.Loepfe Brothers Ltd., Switzerland, Hall 4, Stand 20a, will be showing the WeftMaster, a comprehensive selection to monitor all weft insertions systems. The company says this will optimize the fabric quality, minimize machine stops and improve productivity.M-PMageba Textilmaschinen GmbHandCo., Germany, Hall 5, Stand B 21, will show its complete line of advanced systems for the narrow fabric industry. The company will demonstrate its direct warping machine, Type BSC 24-G with creel and yarn tension equalizing device for elastic yarns; its narrow fabric needle loom, Type SFX-12/35JJ to produce weft patterned Jacquard tapes using four weft colors; and its narrow fabric needle loom, Type SFX-6/45-J for weaving warp patterned Jacquard tapes of one weft color. Addition machinery will also be on display.Karl Mayer Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH, Germany, will exhibit in Hall 5, Stand C 08 and Hall 7/2, Stand A 50. They will be showing several new machines for the weaving industry. Among these will be a sectional warper for short warps which is their latest version featuring 12 packages, a automatic sectional warper that accommodates full length warps and a slashing machine which allows for yarn to be pre-wet before the sizing process. They will also show their latest innovations in direct beaming and draw-off creels.McCoy-Ellison Inc., Monroe, N.C., Hall 5, Stand F 34, will show the new Model 350 Warper for 50-inch diameter section beams. Structural framework of the machine is designed to easily load and doff the heaviest beam weights and various beam widths. Spindles are equipped with air brakes on both sides of the machine for the quickest response time. The spindles can also be fitted to accept European gear head or standard section beams. A 40 horsepower Eurotherm AC Inventer Drive and Motor controlled by an Allen Bradley PLC programmable controller provide smooth and consistent operation at the highest speeds available. The hydraulic system is leak proof using flat face O-ring fittings throughout the entire machine giving positive, fluid movement on all moving components.A variety of press rolls are available including fiberglass, phenolic, rubber, or felt. An operator lift assist can be provided with the warper for operator safety and proper machine functions. The Model 350 Warper can be equipped with a variety of options to run with V-creels, in-line creels, gate creel, and truck creels. Also shown will be the new PowerDisk tension system for spun, filament, and industrial yarns. The tension system is easy to thread and applies smooth, accurate zoned tension from front to back of the creel on all yarn styles. Tension range is available from 5 - 150 grams depending on the application. An optional operator interface is available to program and store tension profiles. The system requires minimal maintenance and can be easily retrofitted to existing creel structures, according to the company. All types of McCoy-Ellison tension systems will be demonstrated and will be equipped with the latest in motion sensor stopmotions, the BTSR SMART 2000tw motion sensor system. This stopmotion is microprocessor-based and has a data collection system which used self learn software to learn which ends are running when each style is started. The controller displays the number of ends running at all times, the location of yarn breaks, and the number of occurrences at each location. The system activates at very slow speeds and response is quicker than comparable systems, according to the company.Menegatto Srl, Italy, will exhibit in Hall 2/1, Stand C39.Mesdan S.p.A., Italy, will exhibit in Hall 2/1, Stand A 15, and Hall 7/3, Stand K 03.Jakob Muller AG, Italy, will exhibit in Hall 5, Stand C 19, and be showing a variety of narrow fabric applications and machines. In the narrow fabric weaving and make-up area Muller will be showing the NF53, NG28, NG28G and several others. These will show a wide range of machines, from 10 shafts to a 768 function Jacquard machine. The narrow fabric knitting area will be showing the RD3 8/630, RD3 8/420, 2KLS SN and the MDR42. There will also be a complete range of machines offering pattern variety and optimized design. The label weaving area will have Mugrip, Mujet, and Multicolor MVC, all having a complete range of machinery. They will also show Mucad, Mucard and Mucam machines for pattern creation and programming systems.NedGraphics BV, the Netherlands, Hall 7/3, Stand M 22, will exhibit new CAD / CAM systems for carpet, woven fabrics and printed fabrics. They will also show products for the networking of looms, Internet / Intranet communications software and product data management software.OF.FRI, Italy, Hall 3, Stand G 17, will be exhibiting rolling machines with platforms. They will be showing a fabric artificial vision system with cameras, a fabric cutting optimization system and a fully automatic fabric rolling and cutting machine with sorting platforms.O.M.M., Italy, (O.M.M. Di Mascheroni Riccardo) will exhibit in Hall 2/1, Stand C 42.OMM Montenero O.M.T.P. SNC, Italy, will exhibit in Hall 2/1, Stand B 36.Panter Srl, Italy, will exhibit in Hall 4, Stand C 40. 
Picanol, Belgium, Hall 4, Stand A 19, will show rapier and air-jet weaving machines. An additional two Picanol air-jet machines will be on display on the booth of Jacquard machine manufacturers. Gunne was purchased last year by Picanol, and will demonstrate its machines in Hall 5, Stand E40. Air-jet machines, split between Delta-X and Omni's will demonstrate Picanols presence at ITMA. These air-jets have proven in the last years as the best performing weaving looms on the market. It is a first appearance of Delta-X at an ITMA.  Machines will mainly demonstrate the outstanding versatility of air-jets at high productivity speeds. Gamma rapier machines will be shown for the first time at ITMA. Since its launch the Gamma has known a spectacular success in many field of applications, according to the company. This rapier machine will demonstrate the outstanding operational features such as versatility and ease of operation. Picanol's unique Quick Style Change System, introduced in 1992, just a while after the ITMA 91, will be shown. Picanol says that its QSC system is by far the most successful with over 3,500 references operating all kinds of weaving mills and in any region of the world.Ditta Michele Ratti S.p.A., Italy, will exhibit in Hall 2/1 Stand B 22.S-TSAMT-D, France, Hall 4, Stand A 01, will show spare parts for all SACM spinning machines, spare parts for all SACN weaving machines, adaptable spare parts for spinning and weaving machines.Schonherr, Germany, Hall 5, Stand E 22, will show a double gripper weaving machine, the Alpha 300.Somet, Italy, Hall 4, Stand A 41, will exhibit 12 looms on its more than 1,000 square meter stand. These include seven SuperExcel rapier machines and five Clipper air-jets. At ITMA, Somet will officially present its new SuperExcel HTP machine, a renewed version of its Thema SuperExcel. The company plans to focus attention on new electronic devices that increase the versatility of the machine. The Clipper machines will be shown weaving a variety of fabrics from heavy denim to eight-color Jacquard upholstery fabric. Staubli AG, Switzerland, Hall 4, Stand A 03, will show its new automatic drawing-in machine, the Delta 110. The company notes that just 1 1/2 years have passed since the market launch of the Delta 100 at OTEMAS 97 in Japan. While the Delta 100 was designed for use in the filament area, The Delta 110 is designed for universal use. Target customers for the Delta 110 are small to medium mills with exacting demands on draw-in quality, flexibility and automation. The company will also show the Delta 200. The Topmatic and Topmatic PC knotting machines will be shown for warp tying applications. In addition, Staubli will show its Uni-Link system with system components Warplink for warp yarn welding. Finally, the company will demonstrate its complete line of Jacquard and dobby heads for shedding control.Sucker-Muller-Hacoba (Moenus Group), Germany, will exhibit in Hall 3, Stand B 42 and D 41. 
Sulzer Textil Ltd., Switzerland, Hall 4, Stand B 03, will show a complete range of weaving machines under the motto, Your Success Is Our Future. The company will show 14 rapier weaving machines; five projectile weaving machines; customized weaving technology including a model P7M projectile weaving machine for ultra heavy fabrics; two M8300 multi-phase weaving machines; two air-jet weaving machines and a computer-based training system.The company also notes that the M8300 is a mature weaving machine and has been approved for global sales. (For a more detailed description of Sulzers ITMA exhibit please see a separate report also in this issue.)Suzuki Warper Ltd., Japan, Hall 5, Stand G 20, will show warp sampling machine, the NAS-140 Super Hi S type, and an automatic sectional warper, SW-K7A type.Teijin Seiki Co. Ltd., Japan, will exhibit in Hall 1, Stand C 20.Toyoda Automatic Loom Works Ltd., Japan, Hall 4, Stand B 40, is planning to exhibit air-jet and water-jet weaving machines designed to fulfill the expanding market requirements. These machines have numerous improvements incorporated in pursuit of the widest versatility in the weaving application in spun and filament fabrics, the best quality and the highest productivity, flexible and quick market response, according to the company. Toyoda has also announced plans to expand its textile machinery manufacturing business with the take-over of the water-jet loom business from Nissan Texsys Co., Ltd. This move follows Toyodas recent entrance into the sizing, the automatic drawing-in and rapier loom businesses.Tsudakoma, Japan, Hall 4, Stand A 51 will have seven air-jet and two water-jet weaving machines on display. For air-jet weaving company will show a 390-cm machine weaving sheeting; a 240-cm machine weaving a spandex fabric; a 210-cm machine weaving suiting; a 340-cm machine equipped with a Jacquard head weaving terry; a 190-cm machine weaving denim; a 190-cm machine weaving a Pongee fabric, a 340-cm machine weaving voile curtain fabric and a 190-cm machine weaving shirting. For water-jet weaving, the company will show a 190-cm machine weaving polyester taffeta and a 210-cm machine weaving a womens pants fabric. The company is proud to announce that it has sold 155,000 jet weaving machines and celebrates its 90th year in business.V-ZNuova Vamatex S.p.A., Italy, Hall 4, Stand B 21 will be showing a total of 12 machines in their stand. This will include eight LEONARDO, two 9000Plus.es, one P1001es and one SP1151es. Of these machines, they will have a variety styles showing. (According to Nuova Vamatex, they will be showing Jacquard machines at the Grosse, Bonas, Staubli and Kawaba stands.) Van de Wiele, Michel, Belgium, Hall 5, Stand E 04, will present at the ITMA in Paris with carpet weaving machines including a carpet weaving machine equipped with the Piletronic PTX, suitable for eight to 10 color frames, in a fine reed density. This machine will show the additional design possibilities of a triple rapier system. A high speed double rapier carpet weaving machine will demonstrate high production capacity. The company plans to show a carpet weaving machine for the first time on ITMA that demonstrates new weave structures and design possibilities, both for wall to wall carpets as for area rugs.
N.V. Michel Van de Wiele Velvet Master VMm32-175  In the velvet weaving machine area, the company will show increased productivity on a Velvet Master equipped with the Dobbytronic, a rotary dobby programmed by microprocessor. Design versatility will be demonstrated on the Velvet Master Jacquard execution equipped with a Piletronic and producing Italian Velvet (patent applied), a combination of flatwoven Jacquard fabric and pile fabric. Van de Wiele will also show a network permitting central programming and production follow-up of the carpet weaving machines.Vaupel Textilmaschinen GmbHandCo. KG, Germany, will exhibit in Hall 5, Stand D 40.West Point Foundry and Machine Co., West Point, Ga., Hall 4, Stand B 57, will introduce and display more new products in Paris than at any show in company history. Products for pre-wet sizing, filament sizing, and large diameter beam winding capabilities will be emphasized.The Model 863-PW Size Box with accompanying Size Concentration Control System will display West Points breakthrough in precise pre-wet sizing. The unique concentration control system is applicable to both pre-wet and non pre-wet.The company will also introduce its new Model 998 Filament Size Box. Features of the box include a new loading system for a larger immersion roll, independent adjustment, load-cell monitoring on each end of the loaded rolls, Teflon-coated vat, and both LPI and PSI loading display.Sulzer Textil At ITMA '99At ITMA 99, Sulzer Textil will be demonstrating a global approach to weaving technology and partnership. At a pre-ITMA conference in Spartanburg, S.C., the company emphasized strong customer partnerships and its desire to fulfill all needs with a wide range of machinery technologies.Sulzer Textil has manufacturing facilities and manufacturing partnerships in Switzerland, Italy and Japan.The companys main ambition is to offer added values to its customers under the motto Your success is our future. M8300 Multi-Phase WeavingEven though introduced at ITMA 95 in Milan, Italy, the M8300 multi-phase weaving machine will be still one of the most head-turning attractions at this ITMA.The latest generation of the M8300 multi-phase weaving machine is a weaving system for the most efficient production of top-quality standard fabrics, according to the company. The machine has evolved from a concept prototype to a production-ready, ultra-high speed, weaving machine. Its present performance is several times higher than other conventional high-speed weaving machines. (Approximately 3 to 5 times higher when compared to different conventional high-speed systems.)This multi-phase weaving system allows weft insertion at a constant, uniform yarn velocity of just 22 meters per second, and reduces substantially yarn stress in weft and warp direction.Sulzer Textil states that following advantages set the M8300 apart from single-phase high-speed weaving machines: high output of simple standard fabrics, lower specific energy consumption, small floor space, lower building costs due to low vibration, lower air-conditioning cost (integrated dust extraction), easier operation, substantially lower noise level and lower personnel requirement.At the ITMA preview Sulzer Textil officials pointed out that to receive all benefits of this machine mills have to go through a fine tuning and learning process to become fully compatible with the preparation requirements of the multiphase technology. Special focus points are material handling, preparation of warps and weft yarn packages, as well as, very time conscious management of down time related to machine stops and warp changes.Two model M8300 multi-phase weaving machines will be exhibited. Compared to ITMA 95, Sulzer Textil will be showing an expanded range of applications (different styles) at an even higher output. The M8300 has been officially approved for global sales.  
Sulzer Textil M8300 multi-phase weaving machine
Luciano Corain, Sulzer Tessile Srl (l); Philip Mosimann, Sulzer Textil AG (center); and Tatsuo Matsuura, Toyoda Automatic Loom Works Rapier Weaving MachinesAt the ITMA Sulzer Textil will be exhibiting 14 rapier weaving machines. This combines the rapier weaving systems from the Sulzer-Ruti and the newly integrated Nuovo Pignone company, which are now all under the corporate umbrella of Sulzer Textil.For ITMA the company is showing following developments: improved ease of operation, enhanced performance, expanded range of application, new weaving widths, optimization of weft insertion to improve fabric quality, new fast acting electronics and features, new intelligent feeders, new waste savers and new shedding mechanisms.The companys philosophy is that with rapier weaving machines there is no limit to the weavers creativity. Designed for all-round applications, Sulzer Textil rapiers can handle all classic yarns like wool, cotton and man-made fibers, as well as delicate filament yarns, finest silk threads, fancy yarns and even metallic yarns. Sulzer Textil will show the model series G6200 and FAST S / T rapier weaving machines which will demonstrate a wide array of applications up to 3.40 meter (about 134 inches) weaving width. The machines will feature Quick Style Change options for minimum down-time and maximum flexibility.Sulzer Textil is also planning to demonstrate a new concept high-speed rapier weaving machine with insertion rates up to 700 picks per minute.Projectile WeavingSulzer Textil stated that projectile weaving machines still satisfy all requirements of the textile industry in regards to quality and performance. These machines represent cost-effectiveness and versatility. With projectile weft insertion, practically all yarns can be woven, such as cotton, wool, silk, single- and multi-filament yarns, tapes, as well as jute and linen, and metallic yarns. Sulzer Textil will have five projectile weaving machines of the model series P7100/7200 and custom application at the ITMA.The newest developments which will be shown are: improved performance, substantial modification of the weft acceleration to reduce yarn stress, smaller/lighter projectiles, new electronics, further improvement on ease of operation, lower vibration through counter balancing the sley, new reinforced Jacquard drive and a new cam box.Besides standard applications for projectile machines Sulzer Textil plans to show a prototype which will demonstrate the future potential of projectile weaving.Sulzer Textils CWT division (Customized Weaving Technology) will show a model P7M projectile weaving machine for ultra-heavy fabrics. Depending on customer requirements this special machine can be built with a working width of up to 12 meters (about 36 feet). These are special-purpose machines for the production of filtering fabrics for paper machines, agricultural and geotextiles, conveyor belts, canvas, wire fabrics, and other unconventional woven applications.Air-Jet WeavingThe air-jet weaving machines are the result of a collaboration between Sulzer Textil and Toyoda Automatic Loom Works Ltd., of Kariya, Japan. Special versions are available for spun, filament and woollen yarns, and for fine glass fiber fabric.Sulzer Textil will be exhibiting two air-jet weaving machines of the L5200 series.The main improvements are: additional weaving widths and weft colors, performance enhancements through a new shed geometry, improved of shedding mechanisms, capable of using up to 1,100 mm (43 inch) warp beams, reduced floor space, improved operator-friendliness, expanded range of applications in denim, terry and glass fiber weavingTerry Weaving MachineThe air-jet weaving machines can be equipped with shedding systems to match all application, from simple tappet motions to Jacquard heads. Pre-programmed styles ensure quick start-ups after style changes. The machines have, besides many other advanced features, a sophisticated weft insertion control system, a touch screen terminal, electronically controlled central lubrication, and an automatic filling repair system for weft breaks. The latest generation of the electronic take-up and let-off motions ensure defect-free start ups. At the pre-ITMA seminar Sulzer Textils air-jet machine demonstrated very low vibrations at high weft insertion rates.Computer TrainingSulzer Textil has invested substantial effort, time and money to develop computer based training (CBT) programs for its weaving machines.At ITMA, CBT will be demonstrated for projectile, air-jet and multi-phase weaving machines, and will be available in seven languages. Next year, this system will also be introduced for rapier weaving machines. Support ServicesBesides the wide variety of weaving machines the company offers an extensive program of customer support services. These include: project consulting, production economics, weaving trials, Sulzer factory training, or customer in-house training and parts Electronic Direct Ordering System (EDOS). by Eric Vonwiller, Technical Editor.

May 1999