Instron® Advances Premium Technical Support with RevTwo Remote Voice and Screen Sharing Experience

NORWOOD, Mass./BOSTON — May 17, 2017 — Instron, a worldwide market leader in the materials testing industry and subsidiary of Illinois Tool Works (NYSE: ITW), today announced that it has selected RevTwo to provide remote audio and screen sharing capabilities for its Instron Connect technical support program. RevTwo delivers smart support solutions for mobile applications, intelligent machines, devices, microservices, and consumer products — it was founded by the entrepreneurs who started Axeda, the world’s first Internet of Things (IoT) platform.

Founded in 1946, Instron machines test the mechanical properties and performance of various materials for customers in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, and energy.

With both operational complexity and a mission-critical need for uptime, industrial machines, like Instron’s materials testing systems, represent some of today’s most support intensive assets. Beyond general break-fix issues, there are also test methods, operating processes, and calibration needs that customers must implement in the laboratory and manufacturing environments. Additionally, ongoing capabilities provided via software updates ensure that customers can properly utilize and maximize the value of the system’s newest features.

“Instron strives to deliver a best-in-class ownership experience for our customers,” said Jim Ritchey, Service Sales & Marketing manager, Instron. “By utilizing the remote voice and screen sharing capabilities provided by RevTwo, we are enabling our support engineers to make a secure, live connection with our customers to see what they are seeing and discuss what is happening, all while working through questions and issues. It is an innovative, next generation style of support experience that is ultimately enhancing how our customers perceive both our products and the company.”

With RevTwo VoIP capabilities, customers can ask for help from the Instron support team directly through the testing systems in the field, eliminating the need to leave the machines to call out for support. The voice technology coupled with real-time screen sharing allows for complete visibility and clarity between support engineers and customers, allowing for faster problem diagnosis and resolution as well as live expert guidance through complex procedures.

“At RevTwo, we are on a mission to deliver technology that will help great product companies like Instron provide the most personal and seamless customer support experience possible,” said Dale Calder, Founder & CEO, RevTwo. “Traditional solutions do not have the advanced, live communications capabilities that keep customers in the loop and at the forefront of the support process. We enable customers to ‘push for help’ directly from their machines, authorize access, and then have a voice dialogue with support engineers while they are viewing screens and troubleshooting the equipment. It’s like an easy button for support that creates an entirely different and more personal interaction with customers.”

Posted May 23, 2017

Source: Instron