Heberlein Fiber Technology Offers New Yarn Products

Heberlein Fiber TechnologyOffers New Yarn ProductsSwitzerland-based Heberlein Fiber Technology Inc.
has introduced the MigraJet for filament spinning. According to Heberlein, MigraJet offers two main
advantages: improved spreading of reduced amounts of spin finish for uniform finish distribution to
the yarn core; and the production of a compacted yarn with no interlacing knots. Yarns spun using
MigraJet are more efficiently processed and exhibit improved dyeability, according to the company.
MigraJet is suitable for polyester, nylon, polypropylene and microfilament partially oriented,
high-orientation and fully oriented yarn spinning.Heberleins new-generation HemaJet® A-Series jet
cores for Taslan® air-jet texturing feature a modified geometry compared to the earlier T-Series.
According to the company, improvements attributable to the altered geometry include a compact, more
regular yarn; higher stability; and up to a 30-percent higher processing speed. The A-Series jet
cores are suitable for microfilament, fine yarn and polypropylene texturing.
October 2003

Heberlein’s MigraJet SP25-M161/CM26