The Rupp Report: Another ITMA 2015 Preview

Germany-based Thies GmbH & Co. KG will exhibit at ITMA, the international textile machinery exhibition to be held in Milan, Italy, from November 12-19, 2015. Thies reports the company concentrates on sustainable product solutions and focuses on the development of innovative, intelligent and integrated concepts for yarn and piece dyeing. Founded in 1892, the family company combines many years of commercial, product and application experience under the slogan “Passion for innovation.” At ITMA, Thies will highlight the following products:
The new iCone yarn-dyeing machine is said to be ideal for bleaching and dyeing fibers in different forms such as packages, warp beams, combed tops or flock. According to Thies, the latest forms of flow analysis allow the piping system, the pump and the pump impellers to be optimized, reducing pressure losses and therefore lowering power consumption. iCone claims to offer the ability to dye in a traditional manner using reciprocating liquor circulation or else to opt for ultra-short liquor circulation from one side only, and a liquor ratio of 1:3.6.
The machine is very useful and is said to be able to match to the requirements of each application. The delivery spectrum of the iCone is complemented by the very latest, user-friendly control systems. These integrate the in-house developed green functions that provide users with standardized programs for exploiting the optimization potential in different process steps.
Thies reports iCone can be integrated without problems into existing dyeing houses. Existing dryers and material carriers can be adapted after consultation. The yarn-dyeing machine will be exhibited at the booth.
iMaster H2O
The established iMaster H2O machine has been further optimized. According to the manufacturer, the 2015 version incorporates various new detail improvements, many of them developed in response to suggestions from customers and users. The iMaster H2O machine will also be exhibited at the booth.
iMaster Mini
At the exhibition, Thies will introduce the iMaster mini to the world for the first time. This is a fully equipped variation of the iMaster H2O offering a load capacity of 20-80 kilograms (kg) for small production runs and laboratory work. One aim is to operate the iMaster mini using the same parameters as the iMaster H2O production version. According to Thies, if a company undertakes the testing and optimization phase on the iMaster mini, the lab machine will allow a company to incorporate new kinds of fabrics, recipes and processes in the production sequence more effectively and more cost-efficiently. Another version of iMaster for the treatment and finishing of light- to mediumweight terry fabrics is the iMaster F, which has chambers with capacities of up to 400 kg.
According to the company, soft-TRD SIII combines the “perfect running conditions of the famous soft TRD SII with the latest short liquor ratio technology.” Liquor ratios starting at 1:5 mean a variety of sensitive fabrics can be treated gently. The soft-TRD SIII should be suitable for finishing polyester fabrics thanks to a mounted high-performance temperature control system on the machine.
The MPS-G is s new, multi-functional supply system for chemicals, solids and dyes. It operates using a gravity-feed system that is ideal for treating products of different consistencies, whether liquid, viscous or solid, according to Thies. Liquid chemicals are processed fully automatically, while dyes and the like can be added manually at any time. The MPS-G has a compact design and practicability, and is recommended for small dye houses, groups of machines or continuous systems.
According to Thies this tool allows a transparent analysis of the treatment processes and rinse, wash and dye baths are monitored online and displayed graphically. The visual representation of the process curves facilitates control of turbidity and determination of the dyeing extract from the liquor. The user can see how and when dyes transfer from the liquid phase onto the fibers or, for example, detect bath saturation during rinsing.
Daily Talks
Thies will present daily talks in Milan on a wide range of topics in several languages. Interested visitors can preregister at The Thies team is looking forward to welcoming visitors to present its latest developments.
Visitors can view the full Thies product range in Hall 14, Booth C106.
September 8, 2015