Nufabrx® Brand Acquired By Tallayne

Shortly after announcing Nufabrx® joined forces with Enventys Partners to establish HealthWear® — a patented smart-technology platform aimed at delivering medicine, health and wellness to consumers via clothing — it was publicized that Charlotte, N.C.-based Tallayne has agreed to purchase the Nufabrx brand and its retail unit from the parent company Textile-Based Delivery Inc. Nufabrx/Textile-Based Delivery was founded by Jordan Schindler who conceived of the idea to use textiles as a delivery mechanism while he was a student at the University of Washing-ton. The Nufabrx brand offers compression braces infused with pain relief ingredients that continue to dose medication into the body over time and are reusable. The move will accelerate expansion of the brand and increase product availability across the United States. Tallayne is known for working with early stage, innovative brands to prepare them for commercial success.

“My involvement with Nufabrx since 2018 has strengthened my belief in the potential of its technology, brand, and the exceptional leadership demonstrated by Jordan Schindler,”said Glenn Normoyle, Tallayne founder. “This acquisition opens doors to even greater opportunities as we proactively work to grow awareness following its initial success.”

“The Nufabrx brand was our first line of products available in the commercial market, its consumer success has led to the development of many new health and wellness products coming soon,”said HealthWear CEO and Nufabrx Founder Jordan Schindler.“The sky is the limit on potential use causes and partner collaborations at this intersection between pharmaceuticals and apparel. We’re extremely excited to see where the team at Tallayne takes the brand!”

September/October 2023