APDN Technology For Pima; Captures Mislabled Goods

Applied DNA Sciences (APDN), Stony Brook, N.Y., reports a textile manufacturer has purchased a SigNature T® DNA mark to protect and authenticate extra-long-staple (ELS) Pima cotton. The technology will allow the textile manufacturer to mark its ELS Pima cotton at the ginning stage with a unique SigNature T DNA marker. The cotton then may be authenticated at any stage along the supply chain from the mill to the retailer. The textile company has branded its approach to preserving the integrity of the supply chain Fiber Forward™.

“The kind of value that comes from a trusted, traceable and transparent supply chain is immeasurable, and we know consumers respond well to brands they trust, and even more to products they know will wear and launder well,” said MeiLin Wan, executive director for apparel and textiles, APDN.

In other APDN news, the company reports its technology recently identified mislabeled textiles, which led more than $1 million of inventory — including yarns, finished fabrics and garments — to be held in quarantine. “We are proud to say that Applied DNA Sciences can protect textile retailers, brand owners, buyers of fine fabrics and their suppliers and consumers from the tricks that are not revealed until the second or third wearing, as the product begins to fail,” said Dr. James Hayward, president and CEO, APDN.

November/December 2014