Statement By U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman N Korea’s Announcement Regarding The Trans-Pacific Partnership

WASHINGTON, DC — November 29, 2013 — Today, U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman issued the
following statement regarding the announcement made by Deputy Prime Minister Hyun Oh-seok of the
Republic of Korea regarding the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP):


“The United States welcomes Korea’s expression of interest in joining TPP.  Korea plays
an important role in the regional economy, and its interest in the TPP demonstrates the significant
importance of this initiative to the region.


“In close consultation with Congress and our domestic stakeholders, we look forward to
consulting with Korea at an appropriate time to lay the groundwork for Korea’s possible entry into
the TPP.   The U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement already demonstrates that Korea and the
United States share a common approach with regard to certain rules for trade and investment. As
with previous prospective members, these consultations will focus on Korea’s readiness to meet high
standards across the TPP, as well as to address outstanding bilateral issues of concern including
full implementation of existing obligations.


“President Obama, the other TPP Leaders and their teams are currently working actively to
complete the negotiations.  Given that prior to entry any new member needs to complete
bilateral consultations with current TPP members and those members need to complete domestic
processes, as appropriate, the possible entry of any new country would be expected to occur after
the negotiations among the current members are concluded.”

Posted December 3, 2013

Source: USTR