TenCate Introduces Multi-light™ CX Plus Series Of Ballistic Inserts

TenCate Advanced Armor — a division of the Netherlands-based Royal Ten Cate NV — has introduced the
TenCate Multi-light™ CX Plus series of ultra-lightweight ballistic inserts for soldiers and law
enforcement personnel.

The technology combines advanced composite materials with state-of-the-art aerospace
technologies to offer what TenCate reports is the lightest-weight insert available that provides
protection from AK47 Mild Steel Core (MSC) guns. The 750-square-centimeter inserts weigh less than
1 kilogram and are less than 15 millimeters thick; and are certified to the National Institute of
Justice’s Ballistic Resistance of Personal Body Armor NIJ Standard-0101.04 level III plus AK47 MSC.

September 10, 2013