Emerald Specialties Introduces FREEREZ® ZERO Crosslinking Resins

Emerald Specialties — a business group of Emerald Specialties Performance Materials LLC, Cuyahoga
Falls, Ohio — has introduced FREEREZ® ZERO formaldehyde-free crosslinking resins for jeans and
denim fabric wet processing.

With the latest addition to its Freerez line of glyoxal-based reactants for textile
applications, Emerald Specialties provides manufacturers with a more environmentally friendly
method of producing fashion denim products than that offered by traditional low-formaldehyde
resins. Freerez Zero creates durable effects for dark vintage shades and 3-D appearances on jeans,
and has been tested by regulatory and compliance group WIL Research in accordance with Organisation
for Economic Co-operation and Development guidelines to be a non-irritating substance, Emerald
Specialties reports.

“There has long been a demand in the textile and apparel industries for a durable resin that
combines a formaldehyde-free formula with performance and economy for denim textiles,” said Barry
Ferguson, textile sales and marketing manager, Emerald Specialties. “Prior generations of
formaldehyde-free technology fell short in providing an economical solution that met all the
performance criteria. As a leader in this technology platform, Emerald has developed a solution
that addresses all the key needs of the market – formaldehyde free, economical, excellent
processing characteristics and performance to create the desired crinkle effects in today’s
designer jeans.”

August 6, 2013