Miller Weldmaster Empowers Kokopelli Raft Co. For Greater Production Outcomes With T300 Extreme Curve

NAVARRE, Ohio — June 30, 2013 — For decades Miller Weldmaster has been the first choice globally of
manufacturers of all sizes. Serving companies ranging from startups to international corporations,
the Navarre-based manufacturer has equipped dozens of businesses in multiple industries with the
means to meet all of their manufacturing needs with promptness and efficiency. One manufacturer,
Kokopelli Raft Co. is using one of Miller Weldmaster’s machines to create quality packrafting
products for nature enthusiasts everywhere.

The Denver, Colorado-based startup has been using the Miller Weldmaster T300 Extreme Curve
to create packraft prototypes, and then testing them for product effectiveness. Kelley Smith, Nick
Rubino, and Alan Cummings, the company founders, noted their first capital purchase was the T300
Extreme Curve. The machine has been invaluable in their packraft production. Each packraft is made
with tight-knit seam welds, ensuring ultimate product durability and backed by product guarantees.

“The Miller Weldmaster T300 machine has been very easy to ramp up on in terms of learning
how to produce inflatables,” said the founders. “The training, service, and ease of use of the
Miller Weldmaster T300 have exceeded our expectations, and we’re glad we made the investment.”

Reunited by their love for the outdoors and packrafting, Smith, Rubino, and Cummings began
working out of a garage designing and testing different packraft models with the T300 Extreme
Curve. They now are looking to take Kokopelli Raft Co. to the next level. They will begin by
selling their products with an initial Kickstarter operation for two to three months and then swing
into full-time production. Kokopelli looks forward to further use of the Miller Weldmaster T300 for
creating “opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to explore nature in its most serene settings.”

Posted July 9, 2013

Source: Miller Weldmaster