Marzoli Commits To Green Innovation Project

Italy-based Marzoli S.p.A., a manufacturer of complete spinning lines, reports it has committed to
Marzoli Green Innovation — a continuous process undertaken by the company’s research and
development department to monitor and analyze mechanical, electrical and electronic, and
technological aspects of its production process to protect the environment.

Marzoli has received the Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers (ACIMIT)
Green Label the past three years. The label is a document that identifies the energy use and
environmental performance of textile machines. It standardizes evaluation parameters for easy
recognition, comprehension and comparison purposes. Companies must comply with ACIMIT’s
“Sustainable Technologies” project and meet stringent compliance standards defined by ACIMIT in
order to participate in the labeling program.

Marzoli’s FT6/FT7 roving frame, which holds a Green Label certificate, has been modified and
improved by the company as part of its ongoing Green Innovation project. The company reports it has
been able to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions per kilogram of material processed on the roving
frame, as well as increase energy savings by using deep groove ball bearings with RSL low friction
seals on both sides. According to the company, these bearings – which are lubricated for a lifetime
– provide increased precision and reduced noise, seal better and offer a longer working life. The
bearings also reduce friction, which can reduce vibration and increase power savings by at least 5
percent on a machine featuring between 700 and 900 ball bearings.

June 4, 2013