Eriez Introduces Eriez® E-Z Tec® DSP Metal Detectors

Eriez — an Erie, Pa.-based manufacturer of magnetic, vibratory, inspection and flotation technology
for applications in textiles and other industries — has introduced the Eriez® line of E-Z Tec® DSP
metal detectors for detecting ferrous, nonferrous and stainless-steel contaminants.

Designed for use in the textile, food, pharmaceutical, rubber and chemical industries, the
metal detectors feature advanced signal processing to provide optimum performance and improved
product purity. The E-Z Tec DSP detectors offer simple product setup, monitoring and operation,
according to Eriez, and feature an easy-to-use, ¼ video graphics array touch-screen interface; a
4-inch-high-by-5-inch-wide angled control with backlit screen; and an on-screen keypad for entering
numeric data and values.

Other features include stainless-steel construction, consolidated electronics, calibration
verification, quick recovery after detection of large tramp metal, reject confirmation, and Spanish
and Quebec French as secondary language options.

March 12, 2013