Schoeller Group Debuts Enciel Merino Wool Yarns In Brilliant Colors

Austria-based yarn spinner Schoeller GmbH & CoKG has developed a range of colors for Merino
wool processed using Enciel technology to produce pure white fiber that enables brilliant colors to
be realized in dyeing, according to the company. The technology was developed by Schoeller and
Australia-based The Merino Company (TMC).

Schoeller reports the level of whiteness achieved using Enciel technology is improved by up
to 160 percent on the Berger scale, compared with the appearance of conventional white Merino
fabrics. The color spectrum can be achieved on wool and high-quality wool blends and ranges from
intense cotton colors to what it describes as “splendid white.” The company further reports good
colorfastness and washfastness of Enciel-processed products, and notes that its award-winning EXP
3.0 finishing process ensures environmentally friendly washability and good wash-and-wear
properties of the products. The yarn also may be certified to be compliant with the bluesign®

February 12, 2013