Lenzing Modal® Brand Repositioned To Stress Eco-friendly Production Technology

Austria-based cellulosic fiber manufacturer Lenzing AG has repositioned its Lenzing Modal® brand to
emphasize the fiber’s carbon-neutral production technology. The fiber’s new tagline, “CO2 Neutral
Softness by Edelweiss Technology,” replaces the previous slogan “Makes the World a Softer Place.”

The company notes that its Modal production site in Austria is fully integrated to include
both pulp and fiber production. Pulp production is energy self-sufficient and generates energy for
the complete production of Modal, which is derived from domestically produced beechwood. Up to 95
percent of all chemicals used in the production process are recovered, and almost half of Lenzing
Modal production uses an oxygen-bleaching process. The company’s carbon neutrality claims for the
fiber have been substantiated in a life cycle analysis.

November 27, 2012