Performance Fibers Selects Fortron® PPS As Base Material For Multifilament Yarns

Performance Fibers — a Huntersville, N.C.-based global supplier of high-tenacity polyester fibers
and fabrics, nylon 6 fibers and fabrics, engineered fabrics, sewing thread fibers and advanced
materials — has selected Ticona Engineering Polymers’ Fortron® polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) polymer
as the base material for a new line of multifilament yarns to be used for mechanical rubber goods,
aerospace, filtration, automotive, safety apparel and technical textile applications.

The new yarns were codeveloped over a period of two years by Performance Fibers and Ticona, a
business unit of Dallas-based global specialty materials and technology provider Celanese Corp. and
which maintains production, compounding and research facilities in Florence, Ky., as well as in
Germany, Brazil and China.

Fortron PPS offers the following attributes for high-performance technical fibers:
high-temperature and chemical resistance; inherent flame resistance; water resistance; and
dimensional stability.

Performance Fibers is manufacturing the PPS multifilament yarns at its facility in Bad
Hersfeld, Germany, and is distributing the yarns to customers worldwide.

October 2, 2012