Trevira Moisture Control: A Fiber For A New Generation Of Fabrics

HATTERSHEIM, Germany — July 2, 2012 — Climate catastrophes have caused shortfalls in the supply of
natural fibers, there have been increasing difficulties in the wool market, and there is a growing
global focus on sustainability. These factors have brought man-made fibers more into the foreground
again — and mainly polyester.  Fiber manufacturer Trevira is meeting this trend with a new
fiber for high quality clothing, one that shows great potential in terms of innovation, coupled
with supreme comfort for the wearer, and it is recyclable.

The new fiber is called Trevira Moisture Control and supplies these requirements. The
company reports fabrics made from Trevira Moisture Control have the proven characteristics of
Trevira apparel textiles, including very good pilling properties, fastness to color, resilience and
easy care qualities. In addition, they offer an improved semi-dull appearance, soft handle, and
optimal moisture management.

Research at the Hohenstein Institutes has demonstrated in terms of appearance and comfort
that in every respect a suit made using 100% Trevira Moisture Control matches a classic business
suit made using 100% wool. Made from the new fibers, the Trevira suit offers elegant, high quality
looks; very good wear properties; and its standard of comfort is assessed by Hohenstein as “very

Wear trials conducted at airlines have shown that a uniform in 100% Trevira Moisture Control
guarantees the wearer an optimal feel good effect, accompanied by high standards of resilience. The
fiber profile has a special dual channel system that accelerates transport of condensation
molecules given off from the skin, from inner to outer layer. Moisture conducted onto the textile
surface is quickly dispersed there and evaporates rapidly. In this way the inner side of the
textile touching the skin stays drier, preventing an unpleasant chill effect.

Textiles containing the new fibers are suitable for use in corporate wear, business clothing
or sportswear. Trevira Moisture Control may be used 100% or in blends with wool.

Trevira Moisture Control: properties at a glance

  • Very good moisture management
  • Rapid dispersion and evaporation of moisture
  • Quick drying
  • Good pilling characteristics
  • Easy care
  • Washable with good fastness standards
  • Pleasant handle
  • Good electro-static properties
  • Resistant to UV light and chlorine

Posted on July 17, 2012

Source: Trevira