Falken And Aztex To Work Together To Create The Next Generation Biomaterials

TRENTON, N.J. —  August 19, 2011 — Falken Industries Ltd. announced today that the Company has
entered into a licensing agreement with biotechnology leader Aztex Ltd.

Falken has successfully negotiated a license to use Aztex’ powerful technology to accelerate
its scientific research and product development, along with an option to commercialize the
resulting biomaterials in the textile and bio-health fields.

Under the agreement, Aztex will provide Falken with its proprietary genetic engineering
assets and expertise to enable Falken to significantly accelerate its product development. In
addition to providing the customized assets and technological know-how, Aztex has granted Falken an
exclusive commercial license to use the technology in the textile and bio-health markets. Aztex has
agreed that Falken will have exclusive commercial rights to use Aztex proprietary assets in
conjunction with assets previously licensed from third parties or developed by Falken’s internal
research. Aztex will be creating customized raw materials for Falken’s use in its development of
polymers and technical textiles targeting its leading position in impregnated wet wipes.

“Aztex’ proprietary technologies are extremely powerful resources which enable very precise
application targeting,” said Falken’s Communication Officer Manuel Garcia. “We are convinced that
this technology is the key to creating advanced new products and materials. We believe that when
these customized assets are delivered by Aztex in the coming weeks, the technology will enable us
to rapidly and precisely target specific areas for the creation of stronger fibers, advanced
textiles and new bio-materials for use in our professional and industrial lines.”

“Falken existing technologies and products have been recognized as revolutionary in
engineering circles for various military and civil defense applications, including disinfection,
and bio-health products and systems” said Garcia.

“This latest development is expected to accelerate our development of advanced materials and
advance Falken’s competitive advantage in the field of bio-materials. The combination of Aztex’s
revolutionary technology and know-how, coupled with Falken’s proprietary bio-materials technology
and know-how, will create synergies that will benefit both companies.

Posted September 6, 2011

Source: Falken Industries