FibeRio Wins R&D 100 Award For Cyclone™ L-1000, Launches Cyclone L-1000M/D

Edinburg, Texas-based FibeRio Technology Corp. — a company created to commercialize Forcespinning™
Technology, which uses centrifugal force to spin nanofibers, nanowires and nanorods — has won a
R&D 100 Award from R&D Magazine for its development and launch of the Cyclone™ L-1000
series of nanofiber production machinery. The annual R&D 100 Awards recognize the 100 most
technologically significant products introduced into the marketplace over the past year.

FibeRio introduced Cyclone L-1000 Forcespinning laboratory equipment in late 2010. The
technology produces nanofibers by using centrifugal force instead of electrostatic force, and is
the first technology capable of producing nanofibers via both solution and melt spinning processes.

“The pace and quality of development FibeRio has applied to Forcespinning technology and
Cyclone L-1000 nanofiber production systems is astonishing,” said Larry Thompson, chairman,
FibeRio’s Technical Advisory Board. “Nanofibers are one of the most cross-cutting technologies I
have seen and FibeRio has the core technology and capital equipment designs to provide the
versatile and cost-effective platform required to exploit their full potential.”

FibeRio recently launched the Cyclone L-1000M/D, which enables controlled and uniform
deposition of nanofibers onto a moving substrate; and will allow nonwovens, filtration and textile
companies to use the technology to design scalable nanofiber applications. The company reports it
will introduce commercial output nanofiber production equipment later this year.

“FibeRio is rapidly scaling up Forcespinning technology from the research laboratory to
industrial level production and the Cyclone L-1000M/D provides the perfect opportunity to begin
designing nanofiber enhanced media and developing the intellectual property that will provide
competitive advantage in the next era of innovation for the nonwovens, filtration and textiles
industries,” said Ellery Buchanan, CEO, FibeRio. “We are honored to be recognized by R&D
Magazine and we are committed to incorporating that same level of innovation and quality in our
industrial equipment.”

July 12, 2011