Saint-Gobain Technical Fabrics Renamed Saint-Gobain ADFORS

Saint-Gobain Technial Fabrics — a manufacturer of industrial and construction reinforcement fabrics
using technologies including laid scrim, weaving, knitting, mat forming, lamination and coating;
and a division of the France-based Saint-Gobain Group — has renamed the company Saint-Gobain
ADFORS. The name is derived from two roots, with “ad” coming from the word “add”; and “fors”
derived from “force” or “reinforcement.”

“We look forward to building brand equity with the new name by offering best in class
service and excellent product innovation,” said Rudi Coetzee, general manager, Saint-Gobain ADFORS
America Inc., Grand Island, N.Y. “The new ADFORS name provides us the opportunity to really build a
strong brand backed by the globally recognized Saint-Gobain.”

June 21, 2011