INDEX 11 Exhibitor Preview: Spoolex

ROCHE LA MOLIÉRE, France — April 7, 2011 — Product presentation during INDEX11: Machines downtime
during final process increase final product instability! Traverse winding (or spooling) allows
tension on the product and eliminates risk of pleats. Pierre Croutelle, our Head of Nonwovens
Division, will explain you during its product presentation, how our spooling and ultrasonic
splicing technologies make it possible to save time on changeovers, reduce waste and wind up to 40%
more product per spool or bobbin. Our spooling technology has been engineered to respond to the ADL
producers’ need to improve productivity, mainly for baby diaper production lines, by producing
jumbo spools of sensitive nonwovens at high speed and to guarantee no stress, no tension, no
elongation and no twist on the nonwovens strips. Attend our Product presentation, Thursday
14/04/2011 from 14:00-14:20 and Switch to spool!

Posted on April 7, 2011

Source: Spoolex