Genencor Adds Sustainable Textile Enzymes To Portfolio

Palo Alto, Calif.-based Genencor — a manufacturer of enzyme product solutions for a variety of
industries, and a division of Denmark-based Danisco A/S — has expanded its textile enzymes
portfolio. The company reports its new sustainable enzymes for textile and garment processing offer
improved efficiency in pretreatment and biofinishing processes, and enable garment laundry
finishing in accordance with the newest fashion trends.

Designed for eco-scouring in cotton pretreatment, PrimaGreen® EcoScour offers water savings
of 30 percent and energy savings of 60 percent compared to conventional scouring. Genencor reports
the enzyme’s mild processing conditions also result in improved fabric quality and enhanced color
brightness after dyeing. Optisize® COOL and Optisize NEXT amylase enzymes are designed for desizing
of woven fabrics in all conditions. Primafast® GOLD HSL cellulase for biofinishing of cellulosic
fabrics is a neutral pH fabric depilling solution that also allows biofinishing to be combined with
dyeing. Genencor reports the enzyme preserves cotton’s natural quality and comfort. IndiAge®
NeutraFlex cellulase for low-temperature enzymatic stonewashing also has a neutral pH, which
enables optimal contrast and minimal backstaining. Using the PrimaGreen® EcoLight 1 and PrimaGreen®
EcoFade LT100 enzymes, stonewashing may be combined with enzymatic fading and bleaching of dyes.

“The textiles industry moves quickly and is dependent on ever more efficient and cost
effective solutions,” said Scott Brix, global marketing director, Industrial Biosolutions,
Genencor. “Our new textile portfolio reflects our ability to recognize these market realities.”

April 19, 2011