Datacolor Debuts MatchCOM Color Matching Engine

Lawrenceville, N.J.-based Datacolor, a developer of digital color management technology, has
introduced MatchCOM, a comprehensive suite of scientifically engineered color-matching algorithms
that can be integrated into the software platforms of textile, ink, coatings, plastics and paint
companies. MatchCOM has more than 160 color-matching features including multiple calibration
techniques, matching and correction methods, load calculations, produce line management, sorting
and ingredient maintenance.

The library is organized for major operations such as opaque, transparent and translucent
applications, and has stain and auto refinish models to offer the best available match.


“Our larger customers have been asking for a simple way to integrate our algorithms into
their corporate and retail applications,” said Brian Levey, vice president, Industrial Business
Unit, Datacolor. “They understand the needs of their customers better than anyone while one of
Datacolor’s core competencies is color matching algorithms. Several of our customers have already
implemented successful applications employing this technology and we are really excited about the
high interest in the market. We see our business model evolving to a supplier of both matching
software products and licensable matching algorithms.”

February 22, 2011