Invista Announces Energy Efficiency And Emissions Improvements, Debuts LCI Calculator

Wichita, Kan.-based integrated fibers and polymers manufacturer Invista’s Performance Surfaces
& Materials (PS&M) business reports it has significantly improved its energy efficiency and
emissions reductions at its North American plants over the past three years.

Since 2007, Invista has achieved a 13-percent reduction in total fuel energy intensity by
focusing on waste elimination in site-generated utilities such as steam, and upgrading utility
systems to eliminate heat losses; a 21-percent reduction in total fuel carbon dioxide (CO
2) intensity by replacing outdated coal boilers with state-of-the-art natural gas
boilers, and improving operation strategies for boilers a certain locations; and a 6-percent
reduction in total CO
2 emissions intensity by redirecting bulk continuous filament production to more
energy-efficient locations.

“We have dedicated resources at all of our North American plant sites to achieve energy
improvements, and we’re proud of the progress that they and their teams have been making,” said
Derek Young, global sustainability director, Invista PS&M. “Collectively, we are committed to
producing products responsibly and efficiently, conserving resources, eliminating waste, and
designing long-lasting products that give consideration to sustainable attributes such as recycled
content, recyclability and renewable content.”

Invista also has launched a new operations goal of achieving a 20-percent reduction in energy
intensity by 2020. The program will begin in 2011.

In other company news, Invista has debuted the Life Cycle Impact (LCI) Calculator, an online
tool that shows the potential energy and greenhouse gas emissions savings that can be achieved by
choosing carpet made with Invista’s Antron® fiber. To obtain calculations, the user plugs in the
square yards of carpet installed, and selects either the energy savings or emissions savings
button. The tool then calculates total potential savings, based on the projected first life of the
carpet, and equates it to real-world examples of energy consumption.

“Architects, designers and end-users have been impressed with our performance data that shows
that carpets made with Antron fiber can last up to 75 percent longer than the majority of
competitive carpets, which can result in up to 38 percent lower energy consumption and 42 percent
lower greenhouse gas emissions,” said Diane O’Sullivan, global marketing director, commercial
interiors, Invista. “We created the Life Cycle Impact Calculator so they could easily translate the
potential energy and greenhouse gas savings into tangible examples that helps them, as well as
other decision makers in the process, to understand how carpet specification and purchase can
affect the environment.”


November 16, 2010