Parts Scanning Platform Reverses Automatically Without Programming

Aston, PA, October 2010 – Amacoil has designed a parts scanning platform which moves in a
reciprocating motion pattern using the Uhing linear drive. The linear motion of the platform is
backlash-free. Reversal is automatic without requiring an electronic control system or reversal of
the drive motor. Additionally, the automatic reversal mechanism is designed to dissipate forward
momentum at the reversal points assuring smooth reversal without jarring or jerking.

A control knob on the assembly enables adjustments to linear speed — without clutches, cams
or gears — while the system is running. Length of travel may be increased or decreased using
adjustable end stops. There is no programming and no hydraulics or pneumatics. The only maintenance
required is periodic shaft lubrication.

Designed for a PCB measurement/cleaning process, the assembly may also be used for scanning
barcodes on parts and in other applications requiring repetitive back-and-forth movement.
Components are precision-machined to limit vertical and horizontal movement of the platform to
within ± 0.001 inches. Amacoil will customize the platform to meet specific application
requirements or OEM design needs.

Posted on October 26, 2010

Source: Amacoil Inc.