Savi Technology Debuts I-GUIDES™ 4

Alexandria, Va.-based Savi Technology — a provider of supply chain and manufacturing solutions,
and a Lockheed Martin company — has introduced I-GUIDES™ 4, the latest version of its Integrated
Global UID Enterprise solution (I-Guides), a web-based product software that generates 2-D barcodes
to enable defense forces and their suppliers to mark their assets and store them in a centralized
data bank. I-Guides 4 complies with new 2011 data formats in the Department of Defense’s (DoD’s)
item unique identification (IUID) policy, which requires that assets costing more than $5,000,
considered mission critical, or requiring maintenance and repair be marked with a unique
identification code.

According to Savi, the new version is equipped with enhanced features that facilitate
collaboration with the DoD, whether the asset is in inventory, operational use or maintenance
processes. I-Guides users can incorporate the program with Savi SmartChain® for increased control
over end-to-end visibility and management of their items, supply chain assets and inventory.

Suppliers must update their solutions by December 31 in order to comply with contract
requirements and to be allowed continued communication with the DoD IUID Registry. I-Guide
customers whose maintenance contracts are current and who upgrade their software before 2011 will
receive software updates for free, and Savi says it will provide new customers with fast, simple
and cost-competitive ways to meet the IUID mandate.

“I-Guides is the only integrated IUID solution that can start simple and scale up to support
an entire enterprise,” said Brian Quinn, application manager and inventor of I-Guides, Savi
Technology. “I-Guides has a lower total cost of ownership than competing solutions because it is
the only mature, full-featured web-based enterprise solution for IUID.”

September 28, 2010