DRIFIRE® Unveils NAVAIR-approved Flight Suit

Columbus, Ga.-based Drifire Inc., manufacturer of DRIFIRE® Comfortable FR Wear™ for military and
commercial apparel applications and an Optimer Brands company, has introduced a two-piece flight
suit and combat shirt for the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), Patuxent River, Md. The garments,
designed by aircrew for their own use and approved by NAVAIR, are made with fabrics that provide
permanent no-melt, no-drip flame-resistance (FR) as well as Optimer’s drirelease® moisture
management with FreshGuard® antibacterial odor control; and are designed to provide enhanced
comfort and functionality, according to Drifire.

“As we tested our garments with end-users we identified some key issues,” said Rob Hines,
vice president of product development, Drifire. “First, heat stress is a top concern for military
aircrew. Second, even the smallest details, such as the design of a button, could have major
consequences if a pilot faces a flight emergency. Our new flight suits address these issues by
delivering the best moisture management in the market to minimize heat stress, as well as
incorporating design features that reduce issues such as snag hazards.”

According to Steven Scheyer, CEO, Optimer Brands, the new flight suit combined with other
pieces from Drifire’s existing product line provides a complete clothing system featuring maximized
comfort and safety. “Layering the flight suits with our short and long-sleeve shirts, boxer briefs
and long-johns, and combining them with our head protection gear, such as balaclavas and skull
caps, will ensure that warfighters will be protected while achieving maximum comfort,” he said.

September 14, 2010