DRIFIRE Comfortable FR Wear And MWG Apparel Partner With IBEW Canada In Program To Offer Canadian Electrical Workers Comfortable FR Apparel

Columbus, GA. — September 2010 — Drifire®, a leading manufacturer of comfortable FR clothing ,
has partnered with MWG Apparel, a Canadian work-wear manufacturer based in Winnipeg, and the
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers in Canada to launch a program that gives electrical
workers access to comfortable FR apparel and educates them on potential tax savings through
government programs. 


The centerpiece of the partnership is an educational campaign that informs Canadian
electrical workers about the safety implications of wearing different garments in the event of an
arc-flash or exposure to flame, gives them information about tax savings and grants for which they
may be eligible, and allows them to browse and order DRIFIRE clothing through MWG Apparel at
www.compliantfrwear.com or directly through MWG.

“It is with great pride that the IBEW is able to offer a National FR Clothing program to all
electrical workers,” said Phil Flemming, International Vice President of IBEW. “This program
provides an excellent opportunity for individuals and smaller employers to purchase the best
combination of FR protection, comfort, and value at very reasonable costs,” concluded Flemming.
Information on the program was shared at the IBEW Annual All Canada Progress Meeting, which
recently took place in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.


The garments offered through this program include a range of base layer and outerwear
garments, including women’s undergarments, men’s undergarments and t-shirts, woven pants and
shirts, and FR denim jeans and jackets. All garments are made with DRIFIRE fabric, which offers
permanent flame resistance and is known for its industry-leading, patented comfort characteristics,
including excellent wicking, fast drying, and antimicrobial odor control. “We wanted to offer
electrical workers a range of garments that would provide adequate protection against a broad range
of arc flash events and would increase their compliance by keeping them comfortable on the job,”
said Ken Robertson, Vice President of Marketing for MWG Apparel. “By offering a range of base layer
garments and outerwear clothing, including a high-visibility shirt, we are giving electrical
workers options that they can layer, mix, and match to meet their unique comfort and safety needs,”
concluded Robertson.


About Drifire:  Drifire, a premier developer, manufacturer and marketer of
comfortable flame resistant fabrics and clothes, offers garments that provide optimal levels of
comfort, moisture management and flame resistance. Drifire’s superior drirelease® patented
technology and its wide product selection have helped it to quickly become one of the leading
providers of performance garments today. For all of the latest Drifire news and updates, visit
www.drifire.com. You can also follow us on twitter (twitter.com/drifire) and/or Facebook

About MWG Apparel: MWG Apparel Corp. is the official Canadian distributor of
Drifire FR Apparel for the IBEW.   Founded in 1928, MWG is one of North America’s best FR
apparel manufacturers. MWG’s mission is to provide quality apparel at competitive market prices so
that our customers will come to recognize the MWG brand for our commitment to quality, value, and
protection.  MWG takes extreme pride in producing garments that not only meet your protective
needs, but exceed your expectations for style, comfort, and value.


About IBEW: The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) has been a
proud part of the Canadian labour movement for over 100 years.  We have built our union on our
commitment to organize and represent workers; our membership and longevity is proof of that
commitment.  The IBEW represents workers in many different industries such as Manufacturing,
Telecommunications, Voice Data Video, Utilities, Construction, Maintenance, Motor Shops, Sign
Shops, CATV, Radio and Television, Sound and Alarm systems, Railroads, Shipyards, Pulp and Paper
Mills, Mining, Tree Trimming, Health Care and Government employees.

Posted on September 21, 2010

Press release courtesy of Drifire