Appleton Introduces Automatic Loading System

Neenah, Wis.-based Appleton Mfg. Division — a producer of core cutters, core handling and
finishing, roll and cart movers and other material handling solutions — has introduced an
automatic loading system that can be retrofitted onto an existing core cutting machine to enable
more cores to be cut in less time while also lowering labor costs. The basic solution features a
feeder system that stores parent cores and delivers them to the v-tray. From the v-tray, a loading
arm pushes the core into position to be cut, after which the core is reloaded onto the v-tray for
additional processing. According to Appleton, the automatic loading system’s modular design enables
it to accommodate a variety of parent core feeding systems, from low-volume, single-level delivery
table models to high-volume models that incorporate hoppers and elevator systems.

“The auto loading system components retrofit onto most pre-existing core cutting machines
making it a cost effective improvement during tough economic times,” said Mark Rasper, engineering
manager, Appleton. “Installation is straightforward so operators can experience increased
productivity in no time.”

September 14, 2010