Everest Textile Uses Nilit Yarn In Ultra-Lightweight Fabric

Israel-based nylon 6,6 and microfiber yarn manufacturer Nilit Ltd. has announced that Taiwan-based
Everest Textile Co. Ltd., a vertically integrated textile manufacturer, has introduced Ever Ultra
Light Weight 5-denier fabric comprising Nilit’s Flat 6/4 yarn. Deemed by Everest Textile to be “the
lightest and finest fabric in the world,” the fabric is windproof and resistant to light rain and
high abrasion; has a silky smooth feel; features a tearing strength of up to 900 grams; and is easy
to pack, according to the company. The fabric is suitable for sporting and casualwear including
running apparel, cycling jackets and mountain-climbing down coats; and sleeping bags and tents.

Everest Textile reports it employed the Everest Sustainability Model of “less is more” in the
development and production processes for the new fabric. “Ever Ultra Light not only answers
consumers’ demands for comfortable, lightweight clothing but also for ecological products since its
light weight effectively reduces energy usage and waste emissions in production,” said Thomas Chiu,
R&D engineer, Everest Textile.

July 27, 2010