Polyester Fibers And GeoHay Support Containment Effort In Gulf Of Mexico

Conover, N.C. — May 25, 2010 — Polyester Fibers, a diversified manufacturer and distributor of
value-added, high-loft non-woven materials, announced today that through its partnership with
GeoHay, its products are supporting the containment effort in the Gulf of Mexico. GeoHay is a
patented, environmentally friendly and green line of barrier filtration products made from recycled

As oil from BP’s Deepwater Horizon leak continues to drift toward beaches along the Gulf of
Mexico, local agencies have turned to GeoHay and Polyester Fibers to defend their coast lines.
GeoHay will act as a filter along the coast line absorbing the oil and allowing the filtered water
to flow back out freely, thus reducing the amount of exposure to oil contamination on the
shoreline. Polyester Fibers, a supplier to a diverse set of markets including filtration, produces
the recycled textile material which is integral to the construction of GeoHay.

“We are proud to be partnered with GeoHay and to be a part of minimizing the effects of the
current disaster in the Gulf,” said Shannon Marshall, chief executive officer of Polyester Fibers.
“Our product, together with GeoHay, has been used in many applications in order to protect the
environment. This is another example of how our products, while behind the scene, are used to make
a difference.”

“Polyester Fibers has been a key partner in our development and production of GeoHay,” said
Dan Hargett, CEO of Hargett & Associates and co-owner of GeoHay, LLC. “Polyester Fibers works
hand-in-hand with our engineers developing a number of products designed to address numerous
environmental concerns.”

C W Roberts, one of the largest road contractors in the Southeast, working with a GeoHay
distributor, demonstrated GeoHay’s potential for providing excellent protection of the beach and
wetlands as well as a method of oil collection. The Emergency Management Office of the Walton
County Sheriff’s Department has already received truck-loads of material to be used should the oil
reach their coast. Operations at Polyester Fibers and GeoHay are prepared for increases in
production levels due to further demand generated by the mitigation efforts. Discussions are
underway to expand the support for protection and cleanup efforts in Alabama, Mississippi,
Louisiana and Texas.

About Polyester Fibers

Polyester Fibers is the largest and most flexible manufacturer and distributor of
value-added, high-loft non-woven materials for the bedding, furniture, filtration, industrial and
retail markets in the United States. The company, comprised of 5 operating units: Tupelo Fibers,
Cameo Fibers, Cumulus Fibres, Mountain Mist and Buffalo Batt; has more than 450 employees serving
thousands of customers in the United States, Canada and Europe.

About GeoHay

Made with recycled fibers, GeoHay is an environmentally friendly and green line of barrier
filtration products that can be reused over and over again. GeoHay has been proven to be an
effective and cost efficient solution for many environmental protection applications including the
control of erosion and sediment. Confirmed by independent testing GeoHay has been shown to
outperform other leading competitive products in the control of storm water runoff and the removal
of particulate and turbidity in the water. GeoHay products are produced in standard sizes and can
also be ordered to fit the specific needs of its customers. All GeoHay products come with precut
stake holes for easy installation and are non-biodegradable. For additional information please
visit www.geohay.com

Posted on June 17, 2010

Press Release Courtesy of Polyester Fibers