Amacoil Debuts Level Winding System

Aston, Pa.-based Amacoil Inc., an integrator of linear motion systems and components, has developed
the Amacoil-Uhing AVS system software-based level winding system. The technology uses sensors to
monitor and coordinate line feed speed, spool rotational speed, and linear speed and position of
the traversing unit. Software built into the AVS is designed to analyze the sensor data and
automatically correct any uneven winding that to eliminate bumps or dents in the wound material.
The software can store up to 10 different winding programs that can be recalled easily using a
preset button.

The traverse winding drive is suitable for applications requiring winding speeds of up to
3,000 revolutions per minute on a conical- or cylindrical-shaped spool. The nature of the
technology means warped or damaged spool flanges may still be used to produce an evenly wound
spool. Amacoil reports typical textile products compatible with the winder include tape, ribbons,
ropes and string.

The AVS may be combined with Uhing traverses as well as other level winding traverse drives
such as ball screws and linear actuators and timing belts.

June 22, 2010