Hyde Debuts Wilson™ Brand Textile And Cloth Blades

Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions — a division of Southbridge, Mass.-based Hyde Tools Inc., a
manufacturer of industrial blades and surface preparation hand tools — has introduced Wilson™
brand textile and cloth blades for cutting a range of materials from natural or man-made fiber
fabrics or leather for apparel to carpet and upholstery in commercial cutting applications.

Wilson blades feature a hollow-ground, knife-edge design that prevents binding and allows a
better, cleaner cut than is achieved using other knives. According to the company, these durable
and highly corrosion-resistant blades last up to 72 percent longer than competitive blades in
long-term cost-per-cut comparisons, and also have been proven in ISO 8442-5-2004 standardized
testing to be 20 percent sharper. Hyde also reports the blades don’t require as many replacements,
so production downtime is reduced.

The blades are manufactured in ISO 9001:2008-certified facilities and are available as
slitter, shear, guillotine, ledger and mill blades; bias slitters; die knives; and hand knives for
manual or automated use on all major manufacturers’ textile cutting equipment.

April 13, 2010