Wetekam Monofilaments US Opens In Spartanburg

Germany-based Dr. Karl Wetekam & Co. KG has opened Wetekam Monofilaments US Inc. in Spartanburg
to serve the North American technical monofilament and artificial grass markets. Wetekam
Monofilaments has begun importing products from Germany, but also will begin production on 10
monofilament lines it purchased from Spartanburg-based Teijin Monofilament US Inc. last year after
Tokyo-based Teijin Group liquidated its U.S. monofilament subsidiary as part of its restructuring
(See ”
Restructures Polyester Fibers Business, Consolidates US Film Production
,” August 18,
. Production likely will be established in the Spartanburg area, although an exact
location has not yet been determined.

The company will manufacture technical monofilaments for polyester, polypropylene,
polyethylene and varieties of nylon, as well as artificial grass yarns based on various polymers
and polymer blends. Those yarns can be produced in a range of colors and shapes and may be
texturized or twisted to meet customer specifications.

Michelle Diaz and Bruce Stroupe, former employees of Teijin Monofilaments US Inc., will lead
Wetekam Monofilaments US.

March/April 2010