Rieter Delivers Its 3,000th SB/RSB Drawframe

India-based yarn manufacturer KKP Textiles Ltd. recently received the 3,000th SB/RSB drawframe
supplied by Switzerland-based Rieter Spun Yarn Systems. The double-head RSB-D 221 drawframe was
produced at a Rieter-owned plant near Pune, India, and features independent machine sides and an
autoleveling function, and operates at a maximum delivery speed of 2 x 1,100 meters per minute.

KKP produces combed and cotton yarns in counts from Ne 10 to Ne 40 using 78,000 ring spindles
and 1,080 rotors. The spinner will use one side of the new drawframe to process carded cotton and
the other side to draw combed cotton.

At a recent Rieter symposium held in Coimbatore, Jürgen Müller, product manager, drawframes,
with Germany-based Rieter Ingolstadt GmbH, marked the milestone by presenting Ellappan Rajavel,
factory manager, KKP, with a golden plate inscribed with the words “3,000th RSB in India.”

March 2, 2010