Oerlikon Textile Components’ Texparts® PK SE Series Features Flexible Pendulum Arm

Fellbach, February 2010, – Oerlikon Textile Components with the product line Texparts has again set
the pace with the most sophisticated and flexible pendulum arm available on the market. The concept
for the new series was easy. From all only the best combined with technology competence, innovative
assembly methods and absolute perfection. This, among others, ensures the premium quality of
Texparts® Drafting Systems.

Drafting systems have an essential influence on the yarn quality. Parameters like mass
variation, thin/ thick places, neps and hairiness as well as no. of ends down can be improved. The
installation of Texparts® Drafting Systems results directly in the reduction of labor and
production costs, as well as better running properties in subsequent processes and enhanced fabric

Product benefits

The six outstanding patented features of the new Texparts® PK SE Series – SE is a synonym for
single element – have a direct impact on your spinning mill. Your advantages of the SE Series can
be described as follows: effortlessness in setting, drafting, fitting, adapting, handling and

Texparts® EasyDraft

Within the feature EasyDraft five sub-functions are integrated. Absolute independent working
single elements for flexible settings of draft field distances. This allows an easy and variable
adaptation to fiber properties and spinning requirements. A constant yarn quality and improved
process reliability are guaranteed due to the low load variations between the individual pendulum
arms. Because of the single elements used, only one element has to be replaced in case of damage.
This allows the reduction of your stock and prevents mix-up.

Texparts® EasyDraft stands also for the possibility of an easy and quick conversion from a 3
roller to a 4 roller drafting system.

The easy and secure adjustment of the single elements guarantees low load variations between
the pendulum arms. The parallel positioning of top and bottom rollers ensure very close nip points
with included save guidance and anti-twist function as well as load indication.

The assuring facts for more flexibility are the five possible load steps with maximum load of
20 daN per element. Higher load empowers your spinning mill to already meet future technological
demands. In addition the possibility of higher loads includes a reserve for difficult to be drafted
fiber materials like e.g. highly twisted roving.

To fulfill the various requirements of the fiber material to be processed, the variable load
adaption enables high technological flexibility, gentle treatment of cots and aprons, reduced wear
of bottom roller bearings and reduced gear load.

The new top apron cradle concept with an individual apron tensioning system stands for
low-friction and smooth apron running which will be enabled by the special surface structure and
ideal combination of materials. Besides this the precise parallel positioning of top apron cradle
and top roller is assured.

A long working life of the aprons is given by a low drive torque. But in case of a top apron
exchange the simple concept enables time savings of up to 40%, due to the option of a replacement
without the removal of the entire apron unit.

Supplementary the concept ensures lowest possible stress on fibers during drafting plus
gentle fiber guidance because of very close apron nip points.

Texparts® EasySet

This feature stands for an exact, time-saving, maintenance free, quick and very accurate
height setting function of each pendulum arm. The precise and uniform settings allow for less
variation of yarn quality from spinning position to spinning position.

Texparts® EasyFit

This feature stands for a secure fixing of the pendulum arm on the support rod. It ensures a
simple mounting on the support rod without any damages.

Texparts® EasyAdapt

The easy and flexible adaptation of additional components is ensured. Due to this flexible
system you are already prepared for future requirements and add-ons. A basic version with a holder
for standard clearer rollers is available as well as an adapter cap for the fastening of other
components like for core yarn spinning.

Texparts® EasyHandle

The eased handling is guaranteed by a new covered lever construction with antirust function.
Little force is needed to open and close the pendulum arm. Because of reduced strain while
handling, the stress on functional elements will be lowered. This ensures a longer service life of
the pendulum arm.

Texparts® EasyIndicate

The visual load indication is more than just a visual support for checking purposes of the
alignments. It ensures a tactile setting of the load as well as the save latching into the required

About Oerlikon

Oerlikon (SWX: OERL) is one of the world’s leading high-tech industrial groups specializing
in machine and plant engineering. The company is a provider of innovative industrial solutions and
cutting-edge technologies for textile manufacturing, thin-film coating, drive, precision, vacuum
and solar energy systems. A Swiss company with a tradition going back 100 years, Oerlikon is a
global player with around 16,000 employees at 180 locations in 37 countries and sales of CHF 4.8
billion in 2008. The company ranks either first or second in the respective global markets.

About Oerlikon Textile Components

Oerlikon Textile Components with its well established product lines Accotex, Daytex,
Fibrevision, Heberlein, Temco and Texparts is one of the worlds leading suppliers of quality
determining components for all filament and staple fiber spinning applications. Highest quality and
reliability are the common characteristics of all products. Continuous development ensures that
Oerlikon Textile Components will always strengthen its leading position as the component supplier
of choice to the textile industry.Oerlikon Textile Components with manufacturing facilities and
sales offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia is headquartered in Switzerland. A global network of
experienced representatives ensures prompt service and close contact with our customers in spinning
mills as well as with the leading machine manufacturers.

Posted on March 9, 2010

Press Release Courtesy of Oerlikon Textile Components