Omnova Increases Prices Of Textile, Carpet Chemicals

Fairlawn, Ohio-based Omnova Solutions Inc. — a developer and supplier of specialty chemicals,
emulsion polymers, and decorative and functional surfaces for a variety of applications — will
increase prices on a variety of textile chemicals effective January 21. Acrylic, styrene acrylic,
vinyl acrylic and vinyl acetate emulsion polymers will increase by up to 5 cents per wet pound.
Permafresh™ resins are set to increase by up to 3 cents per wet pound. The company cited rising
costs of key material such as acrylic monomers, styrene and glyoxal in announcing the increases.

Effective February 15, styrene butadiene latex for carpet and related applications will
undergo a price increase of 8 cents per dry pound.

January 12, 2010