Leigh Fibers Debuts SafeLeigh™ FR Shoddy

Wellford, S.C.-based Leigh Fibers Inc. — a manufacturer of reprocessed textile waste and fiber
by-products — has debuted a new fire-retardant (FR) shoddy in its SafeLeigh™ product line.
Comprising 100-percent recycled material and FR aramids, SafeLeigh FR Shoddy complies with current
and new standards such as the US Department of Transportation Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard
(FMVSS) 302 for flammability of automotive interior materials. According to Leigh Fibers, it is a
cost-effective replacement for materials typically used in trunk liners, headliners, upholstery
backing, interior acoustical departments and interior engine components; and also is
environmentally friendly, as the FR aramids are blended into the material, eliminating the need to
use chemical treatments, as well as associated drying times. SafeLeigh FR shoddy is compatible with
all common forming systems.

December 8, 2009