TenCate Debuts New Defender™ M Products

Union City, Ga.-based TenCate Protective Fabrics USA Inc. — a manufacturer of protective and
safety fabrics for the military, among other applications — has launched new products in its
Defender™ M collection of Lenzing® FR/para-aramid-blend fabrics. TenCate Defender M fabric, which
offers inherent heat- and flame-resistant characteristics along with moisture management and
breathability, is the standard material used in US armed forces and military combat uniforms.
TenCate now has combined a new blend of fibers with an innovative dyeing method to offer the fabric
in navy blue and black.

TenCate Defender M now is available in two- and three-layer polytetrafluoroethylene laminates
in weights of 220 and 280 grams per square meter (g/m
2). The fabric features Hydro-Control™ and Hydro-Control Triple, offering water-vapor
permeability and waterproofing; and also offers antistatic properties.

TenCate also has added DM 9180, a lightweight fabric with antistatic properties that weighs
180 g/m
2 and is suitable for air-force pilots’ protective clothing.

“The products from the TenCate Defender M collection are extremely strong and durable,” said
Robert Brinks, business development manager, TenCate Protective Fabrics. “These inherently
flame-resistant fabrics provide the greatest possible protection against a flashover. The fabric is
cooling, breathable and extremely comfortable, thanks to the high percentage of Lenzing FR fibres
it contains. A number of armies and police forces in Europe are currently showing interest in these
fabrics and various wearer trials have already been started.”

November 24, 2009