Murata Celebrates Mach Splicer’s 30th Anniversary

It has been 30 years since Japan-based Murata Machinery Ltd. invented its Mach Splicer. The splicer
originally was introduced at the International Exhibition of Textile Machinery (ITMA) in 1979.
Using compressed air, the splicer joins two ends of yarn without the need for a knot, a process
that improves the quality of a spun yarn. The original Mach Splicer was suitable for splicing
cotton yarns, but Murata also currently offers splicers for wool, linen and core spun yarns.

The benefits of knotless yarns in downstream processing are well-known today. Machine
stoppage and fabric flaws are less frequent because the yarns used are knot-free.

Air splicers are commonplace in the textile industry today, but Murata reports it continues
its research and development efforts in splicing technology and is committed to to advancing the

October 27, 2009