Simparel Expands Enterprise Solution To PLM

New York City-based Simparel Inc. – a provider of global supply chain management and enterprise
resource planning (ERP) solutions – has expanded its Enterprise business solution to now offer
design, concept, planning, and preproduction product lifecycle management (PLM) features. Customers
now can have a fully configured PLM designed specifically for their business.

“With a Simparel system in place, fashion companies can have the PLM they need without buying
modules or having to compromise their business processes to fit inflexible software,” said Richard
Farb, vice president, sales and marketing, Simparel. “The biggest failings for PLM are complicated,
long and expensive implementations that often cause more problems than they solve.”

Simparel’s 100-percent metadata-driven application allows users to choose what they like and
change what they don’t like about the solution. According to the company, the solution – which is
open to every member of the company for individual viewing and managing – can generate any form,
add any field, manage any business hierarchy and display any grid result in real time without
writing programming code, resulting in a flexible system that can adapt to change.

September 15, 2009